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March 30, 2009

We have these two amazing taquerias across the street from where we live but have only gone to them recently.  The reviews on Yelp are quite convincing though, so we finally decided to go.  Tres Potrillos was wonderful!! (Someone on Yelp wrote that it’s in a shady neighborhood.  I wasn’t aware that I live in the ghett-o of Sunnyvale.  Does Sunnyvale even have a ghetto?!?)


The burrito was GARGANTUAN in size so Boyfriend and I decided to half it.  It comes with free chips and salsa.


I wanted the jumbo burrito because it comes with everything.  Sour cream, guacamole, rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes.  Yes, lettuce and tomatoes!  I got it sans beans.  We ordered the pollo and it was incredibly flavorful.  I was worried it might be dry but it was very moist and tasted SO GOOD!  I can’t wait to try their other meats!!

670 N. Fairoaks Ave.  Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Viva Las Vegas: Dos Caminos!

March 24, 2009

Boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Vegas and I got to meet up with my old partner in crime Kellie and her boyfriend Biniam.  Kellie works at the Venetian so she suggested meeting at Dos Caminos in The Palazzo.  Although she had never eaten there before, a lot of her coworkers had highly recommended the place.


The shrimp quesadilla is only on the weekday lunch menu but they made it for us that Saturday since we requested it.  All of Kellie’s co-workers had recommended we try this so Biniam and I both decided to try it.  The quesadilla wasn’t exactly what I expected (I was expecting flour tortillas) but it was so good!  Boyfriend said it tasted like a better version of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza because it was crunchy. 😛


Boyfriend went with a turkey burrito, which I thought was an interesting selection.  It looks awfully cheesy in this picture.


This dessert platter was brought out to us for free… probably because our waiter almost spilled coffee on Biniam’s lap.  Good thing he missed and it only spilled on the table and chair.

Dos Caminos is known for their guacamole.  We ordered it and gulped it down before I could get a picture of it.  It was excellent and I would definitely get it again!!  We didn’t have the best service here (it wasn’t the worst either) but the food definitely made up for it.

The Palazzo at the Venetian
3325 Las Vegas Blvd S.   Las Vegas, NV 89136

99 Chicken!

March 11, 2009

When Jill was here visiting from LA, we wanted to take her to a non-chain restaurant.  There’s no point of travelling if you’re only going to eat at CPK and Chili’s the whole time.  So we ended up at 99 Chicken.   This was only my second time there but they have all sorts of fried chicken goodness on the menu.


We had an order of the saucy chicken.  It looks like it’d be hot and spicy in the picture but the sauce was actually more sweet.


We also tried a few of the regular fried chicken.  I think these are my favorite when dipped in a little salt and pepper.


We also tried the kimchee fried rice which I thought was just alright. 

The chicken is good because they don’t fry it until you order so it comes out piping hot.  There is an all you can eat salad bar and white rice too.

2781 El Camino Real  Santa Clara, CA

Farewell my matcha green tea muffins!

March 10, 2009

I love green tea flavored anything  (almost anything)  so I was excited to discover this Match Green Tea cake mix from Trader Joe’s.   I made muffins out of this mix on the weekends from time to time and thought it was a simple breakfast to whip up since all you need to do is add butter and water.


So I told my Mom about them, anyone else who would listen and of course, Boyfriend.  I brought a box to my parent’s house when I went home one weekend being the nice person I am.   Then I discovered that they were being DISCONTINUED!!!  WHA?!?!?


This past weekend I made my last box of Matcha Green Tea muffins for Boyfriend and I to eat.  The expiration date on the box was April 2009 so I thought I should consume them before I forgot.


Farewell.  You will be missed.  *chomp chomp*

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