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99 Chicken!

March 11, 2009

When Jill was here visiting from LA, we wanted to take her to a non-chain restaurant.  There’s no point of travelling if you’re only going to eat at CPK and Chili’s the whole time.  So we ended up at 99 Chicken.   This was only my second time there but they have all sorts of fried chicken goodness on the menu.


We had an order of the saucy chicken.  It looks like it’d be hot and spicy in the picture but the sauce was actually more sweet.


We also tried a few of the regular fried chicken.  I think these are my favorite when dipped in a little salt and pepper.


We also tried the kimchee fried rice which I thought was just alright. 

The chicken is good because they don’t fry it until you order so it comes out piping hot.  There is an all you can eat salad bar and white rice too.

2781 El Camino Real  Santa Clara, CA

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