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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!!!

November 18, 2008


I have a new addiction.  My co-worker just gave me some and I can’t stop eating them.  They’re so———-o good!!!  YUM!!!

Dishing the Dash!

November 12, 2008

We made it out to DishDash last weekend… we didn’t let the rain stop us!  I had been here once before for lunch but this was my first dinner experience.


Christine had Sultan Ibrahim which is grilled fish, over roasted tomato and onion sauce, topped with lemon and garlic, served with rice.  She is unfortunately allergic to dairy and nuts and the waitress was very accomodating about checking with the kitchen that nothing Christine is allergic to would go into her food.


I almost ordered this dish that Carlo got.  He finished his meal, Sambusak Dajaj, incredibly fast so it must’ve been good!  (filo dough stuffed with seasoned diced chicken, mushrooms, almonds, and onions, served with a special spinach sauce.) 


Horace went with the Beriani: tender chunks of beef, potatoes, almonds, raisins, garbanzo beans with a mixture of special spices, topped with aged-yogurt sauce served with rice.  It was so funny because Horace looked long and hard at his dish but couldn’t find his beef.  He finally asked the waitress if he had accidentally ordered a vegetarian dish and she told him, “Honey, on’t you worry… your meat is under the rice.”


Boyfriend was determined to order lamb this night.  He went with the Zahra (lamb shank cooked with grilled cauliflower, onions, and garlic, in a light yogurt sauce, served with rice.)  I tried some of his rice and it was really good!  His lamb was good too but I probably preferred what I ordered to his meal.


I had the M’Sakhan.  (boneless chicken and carmalized onions, seasoned with almonds, sumac spice, wrapped and baked in a Tanour crust, served with saffaron-yogurt sauce.)  I really enjoyed the main part of my dish although I wasn’t too crazy about the little veggies on the side.  I loved the way it looked though!  It was like a present waiitng to be unwrapped. : )

190 S. Murphy Ave.  Sunnyvale, CA

Corner Place Korean Restaurant

November 10, 2008

Well, here is my first (and hopefully not my last) guest post.

Girlfriend and I were in the mood for Korean food and we were debating on whether it would be Korean BBQ or dolsot bibimbap.  Since the Korean BBQ would probably end up being pretty pricey as the place we were thinking about trying out was ala carte, we went with the bibimbap.  I only looked up the address to this place and we were surprised to see it was sandwiched between two other restaurants that we’ve tried and liked; Sushi O Sushi (try the Mega 3 roll) and 99 Chicken (really good fried chicken).  Sorry about the picture quality.  This is another set of pictures from Girlfriend’s camera phone.


We started off with the banchan.  I had been craving some kim chee so it really hit the spot.  There was also jap chae which was somewhat funny since we came here shortly after Girlfriend had made it at home.


Then Girlfriend’s dolsot bibimbap came out.  She ordered the kimchee version and it came out in a real stone pot (not a fake ceramic one) which got the bottom layer nice and crunchy.  It was really tasty.


I ordered the meat jun.  It is definitely a Hawaii thing, so I was totally surprised to see it on the menu.  The egg batter was a little heavier than I prefer, but to even find somewhere other than the Korean take-outs in Hawaii that has it on the menu was amazing.

The owner was really nice and he stopped by and chatted with us for a bit.  He asked if I was from Hawaii since I had ordered the meat jun.  He told us his niece is from Hawaii and she was living in NorCal and wanted meat jun so he spent about a week experimenting with the recipe before he put it on the menu.  So for all of you islanders living on the mainland and craving meat jun, now you know where you can get it.

They also make this ginseng chicken soup which takes three hours to make after you order it.  Girlfriend had this before and really liked it, so we’ll probably try it sometime soon now that the weather is getting colder.

2783 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA

Athena: Greek Food!

November 6, 2008

I think I have found a new favorite Greek restaurant in the area!!  Athena Grill.  Forget Daphne’s, you get bigger servings here. : )  The pita here was so fluffy and good!  As soon as you sit down you are served with a basket of warm pita and bread with hummous.   Excuse the bad pictures, I forgot my camera at home and took these on my cell.


Boyfriend went with the beef Gyro Plate.  It came with a Greek salad and a side of Greek fries.  The fries were delicious (my dish came with them too) and the gyro had a lot of flavor!  This is what I usually order when we go to Greek restaurants but for some reason I chose something else this night.


I went with the Arnaki Pita which was thinly sliced lamb with onions, tomatoes, spring greens, tzatziki sauce, etc. all wrapped in a pita.  The lamb was semi bland but that might have been because I asked for the wrap without roasted bell peppers and I took off all the Feta cheese.


Our Falafel Mezes was really good!


The grape leaves (dolmades) were pretty good.  Not the best I’ve had but I usually eat homemade ones that Elisa’s Grandma makes… and you know that you can never beat Grandma’s home cooking! ; )
We went home with tons of leftovers and had them for lunch the next day.  I’m excited to go back!
1505 Space Park Dr.  Santa Clara, CA

Awful Italian at Il Postale

November 3, 2008

Il Postale in downtown Sunnyvale seems to have a great reputation but I’m not sure why.  The hostess is incompetent and does not seem to value their guests.  We were told the wait would be 30 minutes when we saw open tables before us and she seated a couple who came after us at the counter seats instead of even offering them to us.  I’m not even sure why we stayed after the awful treatment we received upon walking in and now I wish we hadn’t.

I ordered a chicken and risotto dish.  The chicken breast was dry and I wouldn’t be surprised if the veggies on the side were from a frozen bag.  This dish was $18.95 but not even worth $10 in my opinion.

Boyfriend went with a pork tenderloin entree which had the same “frozen” veg etables on the side and polenta.  His pork was decent tasting but not worth $22.95.

The prices at this restaurant were ridiculous for what you got and the service was horrendous.  I have no desire to ever return.  They currently have a $13 off coupon in Wave magazines because it is their 13th anniversary but it’s still not worth the money.

127 W. Washington Avenue  Sunnyvale, CA

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