I’m a California girl married to a local boy from Hawaii.  The Mister (known as TM on this blog) watches more Food Network than I do but I’ve adopted some of his shows and we’ve added a few new ones.  We love to cook together, traveling, SF Giants baseball, dogs and of course, share a passion for trying new restaurants.  Oh yeah, I’m hopelessly addicted to ice cream!

I’m working on getting TM to eat more seafood – how can he NOT like seafood when he grew up in Hawaii?!  I’m still trying to get my head around that one.  He loves red meat (In n Out anyone?) and is pretty open to trying new stuff as long as it doesn’t have a “fishy” taste or smell.

We have an adorable puppy who is quite rascal but can get away with it because he’s so darn cute!  We haven’t gone out to eat as much since we got him because we often feel guilty for leaving him home.  It’s been an adventure but we’ve found some restaurants with outdoor seating that allow him to join us.

Thanks for checking in to our culinary adventures where we call home (the Silicon Valley) and our travels abroad!

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