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Alexander’s Steakhouse Take 2!

July 29, 2009

Boyfriend took me to Alexander’s for my birthday last week!  (I’ve been eating so much red meat lately that I have decided I need to go at least a month without it.)


This was a special gift from the chef.  It was smoked salmon wrapped around creme fraiche and cucumber.


Boyfriend was brave enough to say that he thinks these hamachi shots were the BEST part of the dinner!  He would go back to just order tons and tons of hamachi shots.  I am quite in love with them too.


The salad looks quite ordinary in the picture but it had so much flavor.  It has a yuzu dressing and tempura flakes with flower petals in it!


The chef sent out this watermelon and lychee bite to cleanse the palate before our steaks came out.  Boyfriend doesn’t even like watermelon but he liked this!  It was very refreshing.


Boyfriend went with the Porterhouse.  It was humongous but very tasty.  I actually liked his meat better than my own.


These are two of the sides we ordered.  We went a little crazy and got lobster mac and cheese with white truffle oil, crimini mushrooms AND white truffle oil fries!!  I must’ve forgotten to upload the picture of the fries we took but everyone knows what french fries look like… : )


I went with the filet mignon.  The menu had changed slightly since we went a year ago and I wasn’t crazy about the sauce on my filet.  The meat was extremely tender though!


Yay!  We got this amazing dessert for my birthday!  It was the perfect size for how rich it was.


As always we got the free cotton candy at the end of our meal.  It looked pink in the dark restaurant but had a citrus taste to it.  I had guessed pink grapefruit but as the picture shows, it was orange flavored!!

10330 N. Wolfe Road  Cupertino, CA

Pampas: Brazilian churrasceria

July 10, 2009

Last year I took Boyfriend to Alexander’s Steakhouse for dinner.  I know how much Boyfriend loves meat but didn’t want to do a formal steakhouse again so I chose Pampas.  It is a Brazilian churrasceria and Boyfriend had never been to one before so it was perfect!  (Thanks Richard for the suggestion!)

Aaron28 001

We started out with these little appetizers.  From L to R: fried plantains, cheddar bread balls and something else fried.  I don’t know what these long fried sticks were but they were good.  Not as good as the cheddar balls though.  I mentioned how good the cheddar balls were and the waiter gave me some to take home!

Aaron28 017

Aaron28 006

We went with the “Rodizio” which includes the all you can eat salad bar and all you can eat meat.  There are 13 different meats to choose from and we made a point to try all 13!  The waiters come around to your table and carve your meat for you.  Here is the chicken and skirt steak.

Aaron28 009

My favorite was the tri tip.  It came with a chipotle dipping sauce but I thought the meat was so good that it didn’t need it.  We were also able to choose from filet mignon, top sirloin, pork sausage, and a bunch of other meats.

We left the restaurant feeling uncomfortably full.  They brought out a birthday dessert for Boyfriend on the house which of course, we consumed even though we were full. (not the picture below)


We had a birthday BBQ for Boyfriend over the weekend and a friend brought us this delicious ice cream cake!  Happy Birthday!!

529 Alma St.  Palo Alto, CA


July 1, 2009

My all time favorite place to get clam chowder is Chowders at Pier 39.  I’ve loved this place since my parents used to bring me there when I was younger.  They’re always crowded but service is fast.


I always go with the clam chowder in a bread bowl!


My other favorite is fried clam strips!!  Luckily, my non-seafood eating boyfriend was able to eat these and ordered them to share with me.  He is miraculously able to eat seafood when it’s fried.


After you’re done eating you can walk around the different shops and see some sea lions too!

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