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December 31, 2008

I’ve been slacking on the food blog lately with the holidays and all.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating though!  We went to Saizo a little while back.  It’s a little hidden gem close to where we live and we were surprised we never noticed it before! 


We started out with the tofu salad.  I heart tofu and tend to like any tofu salad I try.  The dressing was really good and it came with daikon and sprouts!


Saizo is an izakaya so Boyfriend wanted to try this chicken with yuzu.  Notice how small these sticks are?!?  Boyfriend was REALLY HUNGRY and thought if he ordered 5 sticks, he’d be full.  haha


Good thing his smart Girlfriend told him to order an actual meal.  He went with the tonkatsu dinner which came with rice, miso soup and some veggies.


It was cold out so I went with the nabeyaki udon.  The broth was a little on the sweeter side but it was good.  The bowl was a little smaller and a little pricier than other places but the flavor was good.

My co-worker told me that their Japanese style hamburger steak is exceptional.  I think I will try that the next time we go!

592 E. El Camino Real  Sunnyvale, CA

uWink. iWink.

December 14, 2008

We tried this really innovative restaurant the other night when Boyfriend’s friends were in town.  uWink in Mountain View had computer screens at each table for their guests to order food from and play games on!


This is what the main screen looks like.


We scrolled through all the choices before we made our decision on what to order.


They had all sorts of beer and cocktails too!


We started out with the spinach / artichoke shrimp dip.


Tom and Boyfriend both ordered burgers with sweet potato fries. (upgrade to sweet potato for an extra buck)


Christina had Ravioli Florentine with lots of garlic, spinach and basil.


I went with the Cobb Salad.   For some reason my order didn’t come out at all and we had to ask twice about it.


I enjoyed my time here even though the food was mediocre and the service was nothing to write home about.   It was a great experience and fun playing linked games against each other at our table and also against everyone else in the restaurant.

401 Castro St.  Mountian View, CA

Bruno’s Market and Deli

December 3, 2008

Back when Girlfriend and I started dating, our first trip together was a road trip from LA up to Carmel.  Girlfriend’s car was in the shop so she had a rental car for the weekend.  We decided last minute to drive up to Carmel and spend the weekend, then take the scenic Hwy 1 back down to LA.  We decided to pick up some sandwiches for the ride back so that we wouldn’t have to hunt down lunch on the overpriced and sparsely populated stretch of road before us.  So we stumbled in to this market and deli right down the road from the hotel we were staying at and picked up a few sandwiches.  Those sandwiches turned out to be some of the best sandwiches we had ever tried.

Fast forward to the near present, and a few weekends ago, Girlfriend and I headed back down to Carmel since I actually had an entire weekend off.  We both had fond memories of this surprise find and so we ended up getting lunch there… twice!


To order your sandwich you fill out a little order form that is on the counter.  When Girlfriend and I went during lunch on Saturday, the deli counter was packed with customers.  When we went a little earlier on Sunday, it wasn’t as bad.  You pick your bread, your meat, your cheese, and whatever vegetables you want.  I typically pick every vegetable they offer and a lot of times you end up with a salad sandwich with some meat topping.  With the Bruno’s sandwiches, you get a lot of meat and the veggies balance out the sandwich very well.  A great deal for around $6.  If you ever end up in Carmel around lunch time, this is a must try.

6th and Junipero Ave. Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Chicago style pizza: deep dish

December 1, 2008

Boyfriend had never had Chicago deep dish pizza so we decided to try Patxi’s in Palo Alto.


We started out with a spinach salad… it was really good but probably not good for you.  I wanted to try the poppyseed dressing but the waiter recommended ranch so we went with ranch and had bacon bits.


They had a couple “slices of the day” so we went with those rather than ordering a whole, custom ordered pizza.  Those can take up to 20-30 minutes to bake and we were hungry.


To be honest, I can’t remember what kind of slices we got but this one had jalepenos (I’m not really a fan) and the other had bell peppers (I’m not really a fan of those either!)  To be honest, this wasn’t the best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had. I’ll have to take Boyfriend to the OG source… Chicago here we come! ; )

441 Emerson St.  Palo Alto, CA

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