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Side Street Inn

July 28, 2008

One of my favorite places to eat on Oahu is Side Street Inn.  It’s best to go with a big group because the portions are gangous and you always leave with leftovers.  We went in a group of nine this time but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because we had leftovers of practically every dish we ordered!

I’m sure that anyone who has read any of my Hawaii entries knows that I LOVE poke.  It is a must order at Side Street.

I can’t go to Side Street without ordering the garlic edamame.  They are oh-so-garlicky and excellent!  We took the leftover garlic edamame to eat on the plane the next day and as soon as we took out the bag, the entire cabin reeked of garlic. : )

I also love their house fried rice and order it every time I go.

I believe Side Street is best known for their pork chops.  I can’t even explain how good they are.  I like mine plain (without ketchup) because they have so much flavor on their own!  One order is over twenty bucks but well worth it.  Boyfriend is such a weirdo, he had never tried them before!

I didn’t even try some of the dishes we ordered because they were at the opposite end of the table and also because I was concentrating on my favorite four dishes. : )  The beef was great and looking at the rest of the pictures, I’m getting hungry.  I wish I tried the other dishes as well!

1225 Hopaka St.  Honolulu, HI

Cocoa Puffs!

July 21, 2008

I’m not talking about the cereal but rather, Cocoa Puffs from Liliha Bakery.  The last time I went to Hawaii in November I tried to go to Liliha only to find out that it is closed on Mondays!  I warned Boyfriend of this when he went home in December but of course, he did not listen.  He tried to go on a Monday only to find out it was closed (big surprise) so neither of us got Cocoa Puffs the last time around.

This is a great place to go late at night since it is open 24 hours.  (Note: it is CLOSED on Mondays!)  I’ve only ever had their cocoa puffs and cheese toast but they were great.

Since we were deprived the last time around, we bought SIX Cocoa Puffs!!  We got two special matcha puffs and four original.  Cocoa Puffs are cream puffs filled with chocolate pudding inside and chantilly frosting on top.  I usually give Boyfriend a good chunk of my chantilly frosting because I am nice like that.  : )  The original were definitely better than the matcha ones.

515 N. Kuakini St.   Honolulu, HI

The BEST shave ice!!!

July 20, 2008

Forget Matsumoto’s.  Personally, I think the BESTEST shave ice on the island is Waiola’s.  Period.

I go to both locations multiple times every time I’m in Hawaii.  I ALWAYS get a large, strawberry shave ice with ice cream on the bottom and my latest addition (as of 2 years ago) is mochi balls.  You can get 8 mochi balls for 50 cents!  Why would you even consider turning that down?!?

This last time we went, I decided to live on the edge and order half strawberry / half POG!!  It was amazing. : )

Hawaiian food from Farmer’s Market

July 18, 2008

I think the best Hawaiian food on Oahu is from Haili’s in Farmer’s Market, Ono’s on Kapahulu or at grandma’s house.  : )  My grandma isn’t on Oahu but I’ve been to plenty other people’s grandma’s houses and there’s always good food!  Hmmm, Yama’s and You Hungry? are really good too though… Since I took my family to Ono’s the last time we were in Hawaii, this time I wanted to make sure I made it to Haili’s.  Another reason to go to Haili’s:  Boyfriend had never been before!

Boyfriend got a combo and didn’t even offer me a bite!  I looked over and he was already done with everything… even every last drop of his poi!  He had kalua pig, lau lau, lomi salmon, poke, poi, haupia and of course, Hawaiian Sun. : )  All that food and I didn’t even get to try.

I went for the kalua pig plate (of course!) which came with rice, lomi salmon, poke and haupia.  The kalua pig is so soft and moist!

There is no picture but we also bought some pipikaula on the side.  Pipikaula is like not entirely dried out beef jerkey.  My description doesn’t even do it justice… it’s so—o good!

1020 Auahi   Honolulu, HI0 Auahi
Honolulu,  HI

Leonard’s Bakery got a new sign!

July 15, 2008

How long has this sign been up?!?  It was a lot older looking the last time I went.

For the longest time I didn’t even realize that Leonard’s sold other stuff besides Malasadas!  Malasadas have their origins in Portuguese cuisine and are a sort of fried pastry dough.  They are kind of like donuts.  I had only ever had regular malasadas before but Boyfriend introduced me to Malasada puffs which have haupia filling inside!  I heart haupia so it was the PERFECT combination!  It’s no wonder we gained weight on this trip. : )

933 Kapahulu Ave.   Honolulu, HI

Café O’Lei

July 14, 2008

We met up with Brian one night for dinner and he introduced Boyfriend and I to Café O’Lei at Maui Lani at the Dunes Golf Course.  The view was once again, very beautiful.

Brian said this was a MUST ORDER so he ordered it for Boyfriend and I.  We started out with this French onion soup thing that had this huge puff on top!  Once you break into the puff, you get this cheesy, soupy  goodness inside.

How can you go wrong with spinach artichoke dip with cheese?!? : )

This was my favorite dish of the night!  Brian told me to choose between this mixed green salad with shrimp and avocados topped with papaya dressing and a Caesar salad.  I’m so glad I didn’t go with the everyday, regular Caesar salad.  That would’ve been bor-ing.

The kalua pig quesedillas were excellent as well!

Isn’t our display pretty?!? : )

1333 Maui Lani Parkway  Kahului, HI

Da Kitchen!

July 10, 2008

This place has great local food at great prices.  The portions are big and the food is very flavorful.  I was still stuffed from our breakfast that morning so I just stole a few bites from Boyfriend’s plate but what I ate was really good!

We actually went to Da Kitchen Express since it was a block away from our hotel.  Brian says the decor at the regular Da Kitchen is way better but it was out of our way.  I’m guessing the food quality is the same though?!?

2439 S.Kihei Road #A107  Kihei, HI

Early morning breakfast

July 9, 2008

We woke up at 2:30 one morning so we could drive to see the sunrise at Haleakala.  It sounds so crazy when I think about it now but when we were up there, it was worth it.  The sun rose at 5:40 AM and by the time we got back to town, it was close to 8 or so.  I thought I was too tired to eat but when Boyfriend suggested getting fried rice from Star Market, I couldn’t resist.  We both got fried rice and split a Jamba Juice!

Boyfriend used to work at a Star Market when he was in high school so he was really excited about eating this again.   I love a good fried rice.  I finished my entire container!  Granted, I got the smaller size but I was stuffed after eating that and half of a Jamba. : )


July 8, 2008

After watching the sunset on the beach across the street from our hotel on Maui, we went to Sansei for dinner.  It was packed but luckily, we were able to get a table right away.  Boyfriend had been to Sanseis on Oahu numerous times but I never went so I was excited to try it.

I think our favorite dish of the night was their award winning panko crusted ahi tuna sushi roll.  It is ahi, spinach and arugula wrapped into a sushi roll, panko-crusted, flash-fried and served with Sansei’s mild soy wasabi butter sauce.  It was very flavorful!

We also shared the tea duck egg roll which was served with Maui sugar cane mustard and plum dipping sauces.  Boyfriend said this dish has been a hit or miss with him the other times he’s tried it… I guess we got it on a good night this time!

We couldn’t pass up the ahi poke with Maui onion.  It was very good although, poke has to be really bad in order for me not to like it.

We also ordered a few regular rolls to share and called it a night.  It was a great dinner but I think next time, I’ll go to the one on Waikiki when it’s half off!

Plantation House Restaurant

July 7, 2008

I was worried The Plantation House would be just another expensive golf course restaurant.  Great views, nice ambiance but totally overpriced for what it is.  This turned out to be a great meal worth the money we paid!

We started out with pineapples with a cinammon sour cream sauce.  The pineapples were so sweet on their own but the sauce was great for dipping as well.  It wasn’t overwhelming at all and complimented the fruit quite nicely.

I think this might have been the best calamari I’ve ever had.  The pieces were so meaty, not like the deep fried scraps you usually get.  Awesome taste too!

I went with a traditional Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice breakfast since I had been craving it for awhile.


Boyfriend made a great pick with his ahi tuna melt.  We were both incredibly stuffed after our meal!! 

And our relaxing view from our table… The Plantation House offers its entire breakfast and lunch menu from 8 AM to 3 PM.  I’d definitely recommend going out there if you’re on Maui!  You’ll get great food, beautiful views of the ocean and get to sit right by the greens of the golf course. : )

2000 Plantation Club Dr.  Kapalua, HI

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