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February 26, 2009

My friend invited me for coffee one night but since I don’t drink coffee, I suggested dessert or boba. : )  (this is why I call myself piggy)  He suggested this place in Milpitas that my coworker always raves about.  Bolansa is this colorful place downstairs from ABC Seafood.


This is a very popular item at Bolansa.  I have no idea what it is called but I looked to see how they made it and they poured batter in a waffle iron type thing.  It tasted like honey waffles to me.  Just rip off and eat.


Before we met, I had already decided that I was going to order taro boba.  Well, they don’t have taro drinks nor do they have boba.  (if they do, it’s not listed on the menu)  Instead, they have white tapioca balls called sago.  I opted for mango freeze with coconut milk instead!


My friend went with the mango pudding with coconut ice cream and fresh fruit.  This place is known for their mango drinks and desserts.  My drink tasted like the liquid version of this dessert. ; ) 

My coworker recommended the mango juice with aloe drink but I’ve had a bad experience with aloe before so I’m not too sure how brave I am to try it again.  They have a very extensive menu though and I wouldn’t mind trying some of their other stuff.

678 Barber Lane  Milpitas, CA

Billy’s in town!

February 20, 2009

Billy is in town for an audit so we got together for dinner in Burlingame.  It worked out perfectly because Boyfriend’s friend was also in town and needed to be taken to SFO that night.

Kelly suggested Narin for some Thai food and we ordered up a feast!  There were six of us and we needed to make sure no one left hungry.



We went with the papaya salad and chicken salad.  (both Kelly’s recommendations and they were good ones at that!)  The papaya salad had little dried shrimp in it.


We got these fish cake appetizers.


You can’t really go wrong with chicken satay and peanut sauce.


So I’ve always looked over at other people’s pineapple fried rice (the presentation is always so grandiose) but have never tried it before because I love sticky white rice with green chicken curry when I eat Thai.  I’m not a fan of cooked fruit in general so I avoided the pineapple pieces and ate the rest.


We were trying to be healthy by ordering a vegetable dish and ended up with FRIED tofu on spinach with peanut sauce. ; )


Pad see ew with beef.


Yay, the group agreed to green chicken curry and we got some white rice for that.

The food was good although we were pretty much the only people in the restaurant for most of the duration of our meal.  I have two other favorite Thai restaurants which are much closer to our place so I don’t know if I’ll be going back to Narin unless we’re making another trip to SFO.

231 Park Rd.  Burlingame, CA

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