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Farewell my matcha green tea muffins!

March 10, 2009

I love green tea flavored anything  (almost anything)  so I was excited to discover this Match Green Tea cake mix from Trader Joe’s.   I made muffins out of this mix on the weekends from time to time and thought it was a simple breakfast to whip up since all you need to do is add butter and water.


So I told my Mom about them, anyone else who would listen and of course, Boyfriend.  I brought a box to my parent’s house when I went home one weekend being the nice person I am.   Then I discovered that they were being DISCONTINUED!!!  WHA?!?!?


This past weekend I made my last box of Matcha Green Tea muffins for Boyfriend and I to eat.  The expiration date on the box was April 2009 so I thought I should consume them before I forgot.


Farewell.  You will be missed.  *chomp chomp*

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