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San Jose Japantown: Kaita

September 30, 2008

I think one of my favorite places to eat in SJ Japantown is Kaita.  They have great lunch specials and are one of the more authentic Japanese restaurants.  The last time we went, Boyfriend and I both ordered the poke don / udon lunch combo.  It was excellent.

Our first time to Kaita, I got the toro don / udon combo.  I initially thought the two yellow things on the sie of the bowl looked like slabs of butter but they were yakitamago. (egg)

Boyfriend got some tonkatsu curry special and since we were hungry, we ordered hamachi and salmon nigiri and also a side order of gyoza.  The gyoza were excellent and the fish was very fresh! 

I know Boyfriend really enjoyed the poke don the last time we went… I can’t wait to go back!  P.S.  It gets quite crowded at lunch sometimes so be prepared to wait a little while.

Homemade pizza!!

September 16, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, Boyfriend and I do not go out to eat all the time.  In fact, we cook quite often!  Boyfriend is quite adventurous and loves trying new recipes.  He actually watches the Food Network way more than I do.

I’ve been on a pizza kick for the past week and a half and we decided that it’d be great to make our own pizza at home.  We bought Trader Joe’s “garlic and herb ready-to-bake pizza dough” and started from there.

 After letting the dough sit for 20 minutes, I shaped it on the baking pan with some flour.  I used my hands because we don’t own a rolling pin and this is the shape we ended up with. 

I always order mushroom pizza when I go out to eat so Boyfriend was kind enough to oblige to a meatless pizza.

We also added garlic along with basil and garlic chives from my herb garden. 

This was such a simple meal!  The dough is only $1.29 and all of the ingredients were things we had at home.  We used spaghetti sauce for the pizza sauce, “Mexican blend” shredded cheese, mushrooms, garlic, basil and chives.  Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and it’s ready for consumption!  Boyfriend liked it so much that he wants to have it again for dinner… tomorrow! 😀

Izakaya style

September 11, 2008

We went to Tanto the other night with my parents and ordered a bunch of delicious food!  The only thing I wish we could’ve returned was the kabocha gratin.  I’m not a fan of gratin to begin with and this was no exception.  The kimchee ishiyakai gohan, okoge – ebi to nasu ankake, gyu tan, shiyo yaki tebasaki (chicken wings), and wakame salad were all great!!  Boyfriend and I had actually ordered three of those dishes the last time we went and we liked them SO MUCH that we ordered them again with my parents for them to try.

1063 E. El Camino Real  Sunnyvale, CA

Spanish Cuisine

September 3, 2008

 We went down a little alley and stumbled upon B44. (we actually had reservations so it was not by accident as it may seem)  Boyfriend had never had Spanish cuisine before so we decided to try it out.

 We started out with a romaine salad to share.  Despite the odd looking picture, this salad was great!  It was refreshing and flavorful. 

 I went with a vegetarian paella which came with pine nuts, shiitake, green beans, peas and other assorted vegetables.  It was an awesome choice and had a bunch of eclectic flavors all in one.

Boyfriend went with a sea bass dish which actually turned out to be fairly bland.  The fish itself was bland / overcooked but the corn and potatoes had flavor because of the bacon it was cooked with.  I think my choice beat his by a huge margin. 😀

I was grossy addicted to this olive tapenade-esque starter that was served with the bread.  I consumed much more starch BEFORE my rice meal evern came out but it was just THAT GOOD!  I didn’t get a picture of it since I inhaled it so fast but I’m not even a huge olive fan and I loved it.  Note: mentioning how much you love the tapenade to the waiter does not get you any to take home.  I tried. 😛

44 Belden Terrace  San Francisco, CA

A Chocolate Lovers Paradise

September 2, 2008

What would a trip to SF be without stopping by Ghirardelli Square?!?

We ordered a Warm Brownie Sundae to share which came with a warm brownie (of course!), vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, almond slices and a cherry on top.  I thought it was awesome that you can choose between mlik or dark chocolate fudge.  Boyfriend was sweet enough to choose milk chocolate since he knows I prefer that over dark.  (Even though dark chocolate is his favorite.)

To be completely honest, the sundae was a little too rich for me so I stopped eating about halfway through.  I think next time, I will just go for ice cream in a waffle cone.  We saw someone walk by with one and it was humongous!

900 North Point St.  San Francisco, CA

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