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Oh Korean BBQ, how I love thee

August 31, 2009

I know, I know, I’ve posted about Soot Bul Gui Rim 2 before.  But it’s my favorite AYCE Korean BBQ place in Koreatown.  For $16.99 you can choose from all sorts of meat and it’s all you can eat!!  Kalbi and tongue are probably my two faves.  We gathered here, all 11 of us, and cooked and ate and cooked more to our heart’s content.  I love the rice paper and miso paste with all the sides!!


233 S. Vermont Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90020

My FAVORITE breakfast place!

August 28, 2009

I have a confession to make:  I don’t really like breakfast food.  That said, my favorite breakfast place is Amandine.  The thing I love about Amandine is that everything tastes light.  You know how sometimes you eat eggs and cheese and just feel lethargic after?  That doesn’t happen here.


Boyfriend went with the country omelette.  It has bacon, potato, cheddar cheese and onion.  Doesn’t the food look light and the omelette look fluffy?  The omelettes always come with fresh fruit on the side, potatoes and toast.  Looking at this breakfast plate makes me smile and want to eat breakfast for dinner.


I went with the cheese danish.  I am usually not a pastry person.  I only like pastries when they are TO DIE FOR.  This cheese danish definitely falls into that category.  It is light and buttery but not so buttery that your fingers get greasy and you feel guilty after you eat it.  I ordered two… one to eat there and one to eat the next morning!


The cakes here are fabulous as well!  They are gorgeous and not too sweet but just sweet enough.  I’ve tried a number of the cakes and have never been disappointed!  I tried to be inconspicuous and took this picture from where I was sitting.

12225 Wilshire Blvd.  (between Wellesley Ave. & Amherst Ave.) Los Angeles, CA

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

August 27, 2009

I am deeply saddened to say that I did not thoroughly enjoy my dinner at CUT.  This was my second time dining here and after an exceptional first experience, I wanted to go back again with my beau.


We had reservations and were seated immediately.  It took quite awhile to receive our menus and I had to request the waiter to take our order because no one had come by after sitting at our table for 30 minutes.


We had these little cheese bread balls but the waiter took the basket away before I even touched my second one.


We also chose this foccacia bread that was excellent with a garlic herb butter to spread.


We had such a hard time deciding which starters and which sides to order.  Everything sounded so wonderful.  The tuna tartare starter was magnificent!!  I loved the blend of flavors that popped in my mouth when I took a bite.  This came with 5 thin crackers to spread the tartare on.  It is “Blue Fin ‘Toro’ Tuna Tartare, Wasabi Aioli, Ginger, Togarashi Crisps, Tosa Soy”


We also went with the Maple Glazed Pork Belly, Asian Spices, Sesame–Orange Dressing, Bartlett Pear Compote.  The waiter described it as thick slices of bacon slow cooked over hours.   It was extremely tender and the meat fell apart as soon as you stuck your fork into it.


Boyfriend went with a Rib Eye cooked medium rare and a wasabi-yuzu kosho butter sauce on the side.  The sides we chose to share were the creamed spinach with fried organic egg and the roasted sweet corn.  I could’ve eaten two bowls of the corn and been happy that night!  That’s how sweet and great it was.  The sauce had a strong citrus flavor from the yuzu which complemented the peppery flavor of the wasabi.


I went with the 8 oz. filet mignon.  I ordered it medium and it came out medium well.  It was tough and dry and although I hardly ever do this, I sent it back to the kitchen.  I figure for as much money as we’re spending at this restaurant, I should eat a steak that is cooked how I ordered it.


The chef sent out a Kobe beef short rib dish as a gift to eat while I waited for my new steak.  It was good but I was ready for my steak.  Unfortunately, when it came out it was very RARE.  I told the waiter and they cooked it a little more.

Overall, everything we ate was wonderful except my filet mignon.  How ironic that I was most disappointed in my steak at this distinguished steakhouse!  If it weren’t for the slow service and my steak, it would’ve been a perfect dinner.  I don’t think that is asking for too much at a refined restaurant such as CUT.  The highlight of the evening was getting to meet Mr. Wolfgang Puck himself!!!  As disappointed as I was in the steak, when he came by to greet us all I could do was smile, shake his hand and ask to take a picture with him.  I was quite starstruck and excited to meet him!!!

Beverly Wilshire Hotel,   Beverly Hills, California 90212

Leaving on a jet plane!

August 19, 2009


I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow after work to head to LA for a long weekend!!  Boyfriend is there for work training for two weeks so I’m meeting up with him so he doesn’t miss me too much! ; )

All of the weekend activities revolve around food, friends and more food so hopefully I’ll have a lot to post when I get back!  Mmmm, I can’t wait to eat at all my old favorite places… : )

Moshi Moshi (Hello?)

August 12, 2009

I thought the name of this restaurant was so cute and catchy.  Moshi Moshi means, “Hello?” when you pick up the phone in Japanese.


Since my Dad had eaten unagi at lunch, he went with tempura for dinner.  He does not eat raw fish.


My Mom, Boyfriend and I decided to split a bunch of rolls because that is the easiest and cheaper route than ordering onigiri.  We had rolls with such names as Dynasty of Love, New Moon and Rock and Roll.


The Dynasty of Love was spicy and came in cute heart shapes!!


Moshi Moshi is located in an unassuming building on a corner in Potrero Hill.  I had never been to this area of the city before so it was fun going.  The prices were reasonable and the fish tasted fresh.  I’d definitely love to go back.  Hopefully, we will be lucky getting parking again!

2092 3rd St. (between Mariposa St & 18th St) San Francisco, CA

Takahashi Market circa 1906

August 11, 2009

Boyfriend and I took my parents to the Giants game on Saturday to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.  I knew my parents would prefer Japanese food rather than overpriced stadium food so we stopped at Takahashi Market in San Mateo to grab lunch.


I love these little Mom & Pop shops!  They have fresh shipments of Hawaiian food every Thursday and tons of Hawaiian plate lunches on their menu.  My Mom went with the saba shioyaki over rice with wakame salad on the side.


My Dad tends to order unagi every time we go out for Japanese food.  It’s one of his favorites!  He also went with the wakame salad on the side.


I went with the misoyaki butterfish which was excellent!  Mine came with a few edamame for some reason and I got wakame salad too! 


Boyfriend is a true carnivore and went with the kalua pig and rib combo with rice and chose kimchee as his side.  I had a bite of the ribs and really liked them!

Takahashi Market has been around for over 100 years now!!  They must be doing something right to still be in business. : )  I would definitely go back to pick up lunch.  The prices are reasonable and the people are really friendly.

221 S. Claremont St. San Mateo, CA

Bi-Rite Creamery!

August 10, 2009

I’ve been watching this show on the Food Network called, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”  Bi-Rite Creamery was featured on it and ever since I saw that episode, I’ve been dying to try Sam’s Sundae.  I FINALLY made it over there this past weekend!!


We almost didn’t go get dessert because we were so stuffed from dinner.


Once I saw the line, I knew I had to try it!!  Lines might deter people from wanting to get ice cream here but I figured it must be THAT GOOD if this many people want to stand in line to eat it.


Their sign was 2 sided with a huge list of their flavors that day.


Yay, Sam’s Sundae was there!!


Sam’s Sundae is chocolate ice cream with organic bergamot olive oil, maldon sea salt and hand-whipped whipped cream. The Bergamot olive oil is citrus-based so it is sweet and fruity which  makes for a very interesting complement to the chocolate ice cream.


Boyfriend went with Brown Butter Pecan and a cinnamon ice cream.  He loves anything with cinnamon in it!!  My Mom got kiwi strawberry and my Dad got Coffee Toffee.  All were incredible and I really can’t wait to go back and try the other flavors!!!

3692 18th St. (between Dolores St & Oakwood St)  San Francisco, CA

Manny’s California Fresh Cafe

August 4, 2009

I’ve been going to Manny’s since forever ago and the taste hasn’t changed.  I always crave Manny’s when I know I’m going home to Stockton.  It’s absolute deliciousness!!


I think the picture is blurry because I was in a hurry to consume it!!  My FAVORITE thing on the menu is the chicken sandwich.  It’s the perfect blend of their fried chicken, mayo, lettuce and tomato. 

The regular chicken is great (with the garlic bread – yum!) and the hamburgers are supposedly wonderful too.  They have an extensive menu boasting of great burgers and other sandwiches but I can never pull myself away from ordering the chicken sandwich… it’s heaven on a bun.

1612 Pacific Avenue  Stockton, CA

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