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Whole Foods

June 19, 2008

I don’t believe I’ve ever actually grocery shopped at Whole Foods although I thoroughly enjoy walking around and looking at everything.  Jill took me to the new Whole Foods in El Segundo a few months back and after that, I took Boyfriend AND my parents to do a walk-through on two different occasions.

I have eaten dinner at Whole Foods once.  The food looked unbelievably good not to try it.

I started out with one of my favorite soups, French Onion.  It was oh-so-cheesy and scrumptious!

Boyfriend and I shared a Ceasar salad.  It had a little too much parmesan cheese for my liking but I kept telling myself, “It’s okay because it’s ‘organic.'”

I went with a French Dip sandwich and fries for dinner.  Hmm, I’m noticing a faux “French” theme. : )  I’m actually quite partial to McDonald’s fries and thought these were just alright.

I believe Boyfriend went with a turkey burger.  This was his attempt at being healthy.  All in all, it was a great meal and we ended up stuffed but I’m not so sure if we’d go back again.  I’d LOVE to try out the awesome looking salad bars or the other food sections at Whole Foods next time.   We managed to squeeze in gelato for dessert and Boyfriend’s expression when he tried the pistachio gelato was priceless!  It was amazingly delicious. 

This Whole Foods is probably bigger than the El Segundo one and they had this kitchen section where you could sign up for cooking classes!  Elisa and I are supposed to go to a class one of these days… : )

20955 Stevens Creek Blvd.  Cupertino, CA

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