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The Slanted Door

November 24, 2009

I saw The Slanted Door featured on The Best of the Bay TV show and a few days later on the Travel Channel.  I figured it must be sign to see it twice in one week!  When we realized The Slanted Door is also in the Ferry Building, we knew we just had to go!

I went in with no expectations.   Obviously, this is not a traditional Vietnamese restaurant but more of an Asian Fusion restaurant.  It was bustling even though we arrived around 1:30 PM and were told our best bet is to wait for counter seats at the bar where they serve a full menu.

Every table was packed, every seat at the bar was taken, people were sitting in the waiting area, and people were coming in and out the doors.

We had an incredibly nice bartender wave us over to two women who just requested their bill.  We stood behind them waiting for what seemed like an eternity while one of them finished up their half glass of beer.  Two different bartenders gave me apologetic looks and also apologized to me once we finally sat down.  We were also offered two tasters of white wine for our patience.  In addition to that, Boyfriend got a beer and I tried the lychee infused iced tea.  Good stuff!  The entire bar is organic.

We started out with the Slanted Door Spring Rolls, which were AMAZING.  The flavors of the shrimp, pork and mint were wonderful, the rolls did not fall apart once you bit into them and the peanut dipping sauce was great too.

We ordered the niman ranch flank steak over rice noodles as one of our main dishes.  Both Boyfriend and I had taken two or three bites and exclaimed how much flavor this dish had!!  At this point, neither of us had even eaten any of the beef!!  Once we ate the beef, it was all over.  The plate was practically licked clean.

We also tried the grilled 5 spice chicken with tamarind sauce.  The chicken was very moist and I liked the sauce.  Boyfriend didn’t like the sauce as much in the beginning but it grew on him.  It was a good plate and very filling but I probably wouldn’t order it again.  The other two are definites though!

1 Ferry Building  San Francisco, CA

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