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Justin Timberlake, concert and Sonic Drive-In

October 20, 2009

I went to Las Vegas last weekend for this concert!! 


Justin Timberlake hosted the Shriners Open Golf Tournament all of last week and ended it with this concert with featured artists Jay Sean, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Ciara, TLC, Snoop, Timbaland and himself.


Then I went to the after party at the Mandalay Bay Beach where Justin Timberlake and Timbaland showed up!

The concert was ah-ma-zing!  The after party was am-ma-zing-er!   Listen for “Carry Out” which is an awesome song.  It will be on Shock Value 2 coming out next month!


This is so unlike me but we didn’t really have time to plan any meals on this trip because we were so busy at the golf tournament, concert and after party.  Right after we dropped Julie, Justin and Kelly off at the airport and right before we returned the rental car, we saw a Sonic.


I have seen commercials for Sonic for many years now but never even knew of any remotely close to where I live.   When I saw the sign, I just knew we had to stop and try it!


It was so weird ordering from your car in the stall and having the waitress bring your food out to you. 


We tried a Mocha Chip Java Chiller and a strawberry cream slush.  The mocha shake got a little too sweet for me towards the end but it was delicious and hit the spot!  The strawberry cream slush tasted like a sweeter, slushier version of Guri Guri!!


If I weren’t full from our late lunch that day, I would’ve wanted to get the chicken fingers meal.  Instead, we tried the jalepeno poppers with ranch dressing.  I had one and that was enough for me.  Next time, I’ll probably try the chicken fingers or tots… or just stick to the drinks!  All drinks and regular slushes are half off during their daily happy hour between 2 and 4 PM. : )

various locations Las Vegas, NV

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