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Straits on Santana Row

May 1, 2008

Boyfriend and I ventured out to Santana Row to meet up with my cousin Melanie and her date Keith.  They suggested Straits because according to Melanie, “It’s super-yummy, and I know you’re kind of a foodie.”

Even though we had reservations, the wait was quite long since we actually arrived early but got seated late.  Santana Row is apparently the place to be seen because everyone in the South Bay seemed to be there.

We started out with Roti Prata which is a grilled Indian flatbread served with yellow curry dipping sauce.  Melanie said this is what Straits is known for and is one of their signature appetizers.  It was very tasty but you should definitely eat it when it first comes out and is hot.

We also go the Poh Pia which were like any other fresh spring rolls I’ve had.

Keith ordered the Origami Seabass which came out like this.

Opening it was a little anticlimactic but the fish was good with a lot of flavor.

My choice was the Tamarind Beef.  It was very tender and had a lot of flavor.  These were also the few vegetables we had with our dinner last night, oops.

We also ordered coconut rice and garlic noodles, both which were consumed before a picture could be taken.  The food is served family style and we were warned that we should eat as the food came out because there were a couple of big parties there and we probably wouldn’t get all our food at once.

I really liked the ambiance of Santana Row (although the shops are quite uppity) and the food at Straits was good but the restaurant was very loud and crowded.  I think we could get better food for the money elsewhere.

333 Santana Row  San Jose, CA

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