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Manny’s California Fresh Cafe

August 4, 2009

I’ve been going to Manny’s since forever ago and the taste hasn’t changed.  I always crave Manny’s when I know I’m going home to Stockton.  It’s absolute deliciousness!!


I think the picture is blurry because I was in a hurry to consume it!!  My FAVORITE thing on the menu is the chicken sandwich.  It’s the perfect blend of their fried chicken, mayo, lettuce and tomato. 

The regular chicken is great (with the garlic bread – yum!) and the hamburgers are supposedly wonderful too.  They have an extensive menu boasting of great burgers and other sandwiches but I can never pull myself away from ordering the chicken sandwich… it’s heaven on a bun.

1612 Pacific Avenue  Stockton, CA

Awesome ribs

October 7, 2008

Boyfriend and I went home to my parent’s house this weekend.  One thing about Stockton is that there are GREAT places to eat.  I pig out every time I go home because I have so many local favorites I just HAVE to go to.

The Waterloo Club is right down the street from my parent’s house and they are known for their ribs and pesto… so that is exactly what I got!  Actually, my parents, Boyfriend and I ALL ordered the ribs. : )

Sorry, no pictures because I forgot my camera at home but these are some of my favorite ribs to eat and I love the pesto too!  If you’re ever driving through Stockton to get to Tahoe, stop by The Waterloo Club!!  You won’t be disappointed!!

*edit*  I took a pic of our leftovers which we ate last night for dinner.  The chicken was deliciously flavored as well!!

10447 E. Waterloo (Hwy 99 to Waterloo Rd East 6 miles)• Stockton, CA

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