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Cupcake Craze

February 26, 2008

Jill brought over cupcakes for Boyfriend and I the other day… not from the ever-so-popular Sprinkles but from Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena!  I’ve been to Sprinkles a couple times now so it is now time to expand my options.  Sprinkles is good but something about the long line at all hours of the day gives it an elitist feel and the sign on the door is semi-snobby  err, somewhat cute. “Please keep door closed… this helps us maintain the freshness of our cupcakes.”

She took our order over the phone:  I chose Strawberry Shortcake and Boyfriend chose Apple Pie with a caramel swirl on top.  Jill kept stressing how cute the packaging is over the phone so when she brought it over, I got to see how cute the little dots are!



Overall, I might’ve liked the Dots cupcakes better than Sprinkles. *gasp*  I don’t really like overly sweet frosting and sometimes I scrape off some of the Sprinkles frosting because it is just too much.  *double gasp*  Sprinkles are $3.25 a pop and Dots cupcakes are $2.75/EA.  If you’re in the area, perhaps you can judge for yourself and decide which you like better!


400 S. Arroyo Parkway  Pasadena, CA

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