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Side Street Inn

July 28, 2008

One of my favorite places to eat on Oahu is Side Street Inn.  It’s best to go with a big group because the portions are gangous and you always leave with leftovers.  We went in a group of nine this time but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because we had leftovers of practically every dish we ordered!

I’m sure that anyone who has read any of my Hawaii entries knows that I LOVE poke.  It is a must order at Side Street.

I can’t go to Side Street without ordering the garlic edamame.  They are oh-so-garlicky and excellent!  We took the leftover garlic edamame to eat on the plane the next day and as soon as we took out the bag, the entire cabin reeked of garlic. : )

I also love their house fried rice and order it every time I go.

I believe Side Street is best known for their pork chops.  I can’t even explain how good they are.  I like mine plain (without ketchup) because they have so much flavor on their own!  One order is over twenty bucks but well worth it.  Boyfriend is such a weirdo, he had never tried them before!

I didn’t even try some of the dishes we ordered because they were at the opposite end of the table and also because I was concentrating on my favorite four dishes. : )  The beef was great and looking at the rest of the pictures, I’m getting hungry.  I wish I tried the other dishes as well!

1225 Hopaka St.  Honolulu, HI

I’m craving poke!

April 4, 2008

I could go for some good poke right about now.  Boyfriend just booked our tickets to Hawaii for June and all I can think about is eating.  I admit, I often think about food no matter where I am but there’s just something about ono grinds in Hawaii that make my mouth water.  One of my favorite places to eat in Honolulu is Side Street Inn.  They have gargantuan portions so it’s best to go in a group… 6 is a good number.  I always crave the same things from Side Street:  garlic edamame, Chinese chicken salad, ahi poke, fried rice and the expensive-but-worth-it pork chops.

I’m actually not particularly picky when it comes to poke.  I love getting poke at Safeway or Foodland with steamed rice and eating that for lunch.   I order it whenever and wherever possible!


I think I ate most of this plate from Side Street by myself!


This one too from Tsunami’s.  (I made that plumeria wrist lei… isn’t it pretty??)

I think I gained 5 pounds just writing about food from Side Street.  Oh wait, the 5 pounds is probably from the green tea ice cream I just ate for breakfast this morning!  Gotta get rid of the freezer stuff before we move. 🙂

Side Street Inn: 1225 Hopaka St.  Honolulu, HI  (between Ala Moana and Kakaako)

Tsunami’s:  1429 Makaloa St.  Honolulu, HI

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