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Ryokan by Mt. Fuji

May 22, 2009

I wanted to make sure Boyfriend had a true Japanese experience so I booked one night at a ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Kawaguchiko.  Although it was expensive, it was definitely worth it.  We were treated like a King and Queen the night we were there and ate great meals!  Dinner and breakfast were both included.


Our dinner consisted of seven or eight courses.  Many included the freshest seafood from the area.


We received a menu of the night’s dishes but since it was all in Japanese, I couldn’t read all the kanji and we didn’t know what we were eating half of the time!  This was fresh sashimi of some sort.


The teapot had soup in it and we poured it into the teacup to drink. 


We both went with the beef course and had our own little grill to cook the meat and veggies on.  Later on, they brought out onigiri for us so put on the grill so we could have yaki onigiri!  We also had the option of turning our yaki onigiri into ochazuke.


This was our view from our balcony.  We had our own rotenburo on the balcony with onsen water flowing in continuously.  As we sat in the bath, we could enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Fuji.


This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to Mt. Fuji.  It was absolutely beautiful waking up to this picturesque view!

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