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Mmm, mmm good.

February 20, 2008

When it’s cold outside, I feel like warming up with a nice bowl of soup.  Campbell’s might hit the spot sometimes but I love noodles, especially udon.  We trekked on over to Sanuki no Sato for lunch… it’s just a few blocks south of where I live so very convenient.


Sometimes I feel like I stepped into Japan when I go into this restaurant.


I ordered the nabeyaki udon… it comes with shrimp tempura, egg, an abundance of sansai vegetables, chicken, shiitake, and bamboo to name a few.  I love the hot iron pot nabeyaki udon is served in because it stays hot for that much longer.


Boyfriend ordered the “Sanuki Special” which is really just hot tempura udon and zaru soba.  It was definitely tasty and filling!  (I’m assuming)  Both of our orders were $12.95 each off the lunch menu.  I would say lunch at Sanuki no Sato was “Mmm, mmm good.”

18206 S. Western Ave.  Gardena, CA

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