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California Chicken Cafe

November 19, 2009

One of my favorite places to eat when I was at UCLA was California Chicken Cafe.  It was fast, cheap and GOOD.  It was also a healthy choice (healthier, at least) so as not to impose any guilt after consumption.  One of the last times we were in LA, we stopped by for a quick dinner before heading over to Julie and Justin’s place.

My favorite wrap is the Chinese wrap.  It’s basically a Chinese chicken salad made into a wrap but it’s so good!   I love the dressing and love the bites of chicken mixed in with the crunchy noodles. 

My favorite side is the chicken pasta salad which Boyfriend and I shared.  I think I can make it at home because it’s basically chicken, green onions and pasta mixed with 1000 island dressing.  I think I will try to make it!  Boyfriend went with the Combo wrap which came with chicken, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Italian dressing.  It wasn’t bad but let’s just say it’s no Chinese wrap!

I used to frequent the Westwood location while in school but also used to go to the Santa Monica location often as well. 

2401 Wilshire Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA

Domo-kun at 7-Eleven!

October 14, 2009

Jill and Faye are the biggest Slurpee lovers I know.  They get Slurpees almost whenever they pass a 7-Eleven!  For a limited time only, Domo-kun is at 7-Eleven stores.  He’s on the cups, straws, food containers and even plush dolls are being sold.  (He is the mascot of Japan’s NHK television station.)


Fanta Fuji green apple Slurpees are supposed to be sold but they didn’t have any when we went.  We ended up getting our usual Coke Slurpees instead.  I hope I can find the green apple Slurpee somewhere soon!  Domo-kun hates apples because of something in his DNA and therefore, won’t be stealing any of our Slurpees.  : )  Jill kept all the cups as a souvenir.

This particular 7-Eleven sells flowers outside the store.  We didn’t buy any but that was the first time I had seen flowers at a 7-Eleven before!

630 Wilshire Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA

Croissants, anyone?

October 9, 2009

We were in LA again (yes again) last weekend for a quick trip.  Faye recommended Anisette Brasserie so we decided to stop by for a quick breakfast since it was right down the street from where we were staying.

This place totally brought me back to Balthazar in NY for some reason.  Faye said everything on the menu is good and it’s an oyster bar at night.  Their pastries are baked fresh daily.


She highly recommended the croissants.  I couldn’t decide between a chocolate or almond one when the lady suggested I go with the “double whammy” – a chocolate almond croissant!  We also got a plain croissant with jam.

Since it was nice out, we got them to go and sat on a bench on 3rd St. while we ate.  I was quite disturbed that I forgot to grab napkins because these croissants are buttery messes (as they should be!) and got all over my fingers.  The plain croissant dipped in jam was perfect and I’m not sure there are words for the chocolate almond one.  It had chocolate, almonds, powdered sugar and cocoa powder in every bite.  It was another kind of perfection!

225 Santa Monica Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA

Finally, Father’s Office burgers!

February 19, 2008

We took our chances on Father’s Office on a Saturday night before meeting up with friends on Main.  I’ve gotten a seat rather quickly each time I’ve been and this time we got lucky with counter seats before we ordered.  I don’t crave burgers often but this one paired with some sweet potato fries and a cold beer really hits the spot.


There are absolutely no deletions, substitutions, or modifications to anything on the menu at Father’s Office.  They don’t even have your traditional ketchup or mustard for your burger here!  It comes with carmelized onion, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, matag blue cheese and arugula. 


We had to order a basket of sweet potato frittes “a la cart” with roasted garlic, cabrales and blue cheese aioli for dipping.  “A la cart” via shopping cart.  How cute is that?!?  Good thing we shared because one order of frittes was plenty for the two of us.

The place is loud and crowded… definitely not your place for a romantic Saturday night dinner for two.  It’s an experience to try this burger and definitely worth going at least once!  If you go during the day, you can always hit up Di Dio’s down the street for some good Italian ice if you’re still hungry. 😉

1018 Montana Ave.  Santa Monica, CA

February 11, 2008

We went on a hike up to the Hollywood sign this past weekend to soak up the sun and great weather.  What better way to work up an appetite than to exercise!  After our 2 hour hike, we decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite foods: sushi.  I’ve been going to CA Roll Factory for a few years now and love the menu choices they have there.  They have every roll imagineable at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. 


There are about a gazillion rolls with names that do not identify what is in the roll at all.  These are the Tootsie and Woody rolls.  (Actually, I can’t remember what the top roll was called.)  I ate them so fast I can’t even remember what was in them!


Boyfriend had to closely examine the rolls to determine which was which.


I was so ravenous that I ate a “crispy roll” before the picture was taken!  The soy paper is a nice alternative to the traditional nori.  Boyfriend chose the Tootsie Roll which was a fancy salmon skin roll.


After our lunch, we headed over to Di Dio’s in Santa Monica for Italian Ice.  It was the perfect dessert for our upper 70’s weather we had over the weekend.  Even though we were full from lunch, we managed to fit in dessert since it IS only frozen, flavored water… the green apple flavor was delicious and mango is a close second favorite!

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