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July 31, 2011


We spent the luxurious weekend in Carmel!  When TM and I first started dating, Carmel was the first trip we went on so I’ve always considered it to be our special place.  This time the newest member of our family joined us!  Koa experienced the beach for the first time and loved sand a little too much.  He sniffed it, snorted it, licked it and rolled around in it much to my dismay.

Luckily, Carmel is one of the dog friendliest cities I know and we didn’t have a problem dining or shopping with our pup.  Our favorite place to grab a sandwich in Carmel is Bruno’s Market and Deli.  They don’t skimp on the meat and every sandwich is packed with flavor.  I got a turkey sandwich yesterday and chicken salad today.  Yes, we went twice for lunch in two days!  I actually wasn’t a fan of their chicken salad… it had too many huge celery chunks, bits of apple and seemed a little too heavy on the mayo.  Next time I’ll stick with regular turkey or ham.

Bruno’s Market and Deli

December 3, 2008

Back when Girlfriend and I started dating, our first trip together was a road trip from LA up to Carmel.  Girlfriend’s car was in the shop so she had a rental car for the weekend.  We decided last minute to drive up to Carmel and spend the weekend, then take the scenic Hwy 1 back down to LA.  We decided to pick up some sandwiches for the ride back so that we wouldn’t have to hunt down lunch on the overpriced and sparsely populated stretch of road before us.  So we stumbled in to this market and deli right down the road from the hotel we were staying at and picked up a few sandwiches.  Those sandwiches turned out to be some of the best sandwiches we had ever tried.

Fast forward to the near present, and a few weekends ago, Girlfriend and I headed back down to Carmel since I actually had an entire weekend off.  We both had fond memories of this surprise find and so we ended up getting lunch there… twice!


To order your sandwich you fill out a little order form that is on the counter.  When Girlfriend and I went during lunch on Saturday, the deli counter was packed with customers.  When we went a little earlier on Sunday, it wasn’t as bad.  You pick your bread, your meat, your cheese, and whatever vegetables you want.  I typically pick every vegetable they offer and a lot of times you end up with a salad sandwich with some meat topping.  With the Bruno’s sandwiches, you get a lot of meat and the veggies balance out the sandwich very well.  A great deal for around $6.  If you ever end up in Carmel around lunch time, this is a must try.

6th and Junipero Ave. Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Hally K!

October 2, 2008

We went to Hally K’s Ono Cafe awhile back and to be honest, I can’t even remember what I ordered.  Whatever I ordered, I liked Boyfriend’s better… and he liked mine better so we switched meals.  I think we complement each other well that way. : ) 

This restaurant had a real cozy ambiance and I wish there were open tables outside as it was a nice, sunny day.  There is loco moco on the menu for some outrageous price but I guess we know where to go if we ever have a craving.

312 S 3rd St.  San Jose, CA

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