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Dine About Town

January 22, 2009

We were in the city on Monday (went to the Academy of Sciences) and decided to stay out there for dinner.  I had totally forgotten about “Dine About Town” when I chose Kuleto’s.  Elisa’s parents used to take us there when we were in SF so I have nostalgic memories of the restaurant.


Boyfriend got the special menu they had which included this bruschetta appetizer.  I stole a bite and the mushrooms were quite flavorful!


His main was a beef dish with fresh arugula and beans.


Boyfriend’s meal also included a homemade tiramisu which had chocolate covered coffee beans on top.  I’m actually not a huge fan of tiramisu (*gasp*, I know) but this one was pretty good.


I ordered off of the regular menu and got a mixed green salad with walnuts and vinaigrette… it was the perfect amount of dressing for the salad!   My main dish is pictured above.  Veal scaloppini with spinach, garlic and capers in a white wine and lemon sauce.  The flavor was quite overpowering and I wish I had some potatoes to neutralize it a bit.

This restaurant is in an extremely convenient location if you’re shopping in Union Square.  The service was very good and I’d go back if I were in the area.

221 Powell St.  San Francisco, CA

Spanish Cuisine

September 3, 2008

 We went down a little alley and stumbled upon B44. (we actually had reservations so it was not by accident as it may seem)  Boyfriend had never had Spanish cuisine before so we decided to try it out.

 We started out with a romaine salad to share.  Despite the odd looking picture, this salad was great!  It was refreshing and flavorful. 

 I went with a vegetarian paella which came with pine nuts, shiitake, green beans, peas and other assorted vegetables.  It was an awesome choice and had a bunch of eclectic flavors all in one.

Boyfriend went with a sea bass dish which actually turned out to be fairly bland.  The fish itself was bland / overcooked but the corn and potatoes had flavor because of the bacon it was cooked with.  I think my choice beat his by a huge margin. 😀

I was grossy addicted to this olive tapenade-esque starter that was served with the bread.  I consumed much more starch BEFORE my rice meal evern came out but it was just THAT GOOD!  I didn’t get a picture of it since I inhaled it so fast but I’m not even a huge olive fan and I loved it.  Note: mentioning how much you love the tapenade to the waiter does not get you any to take home.  I tried. 😛

44 Belden Terrace  San Francisco, CA

A Chocolate Lovers Paradise

September 2, 2008

What would a trip to SF be without stopping by Ghirardelli Square?!?

We ordered a Warm Brownie Sundae to share which came with a warm brownie (of course!), vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, almond slices and a cherry on top.  I thought it was awesome that you can choose between mlik or dark chocolate fudge.  Boyfriend was sweet enough to choose milk chocolate since he knows I prefer that over dark.  (Even though dark chocolate is his favorite.)

To be completely honest, the sundae was a little too rich for me so I stopped eating about halfway through.  I think next time, I will just go for ice cream in a waffle cone.  We saw someone walk by with one and it was humongous!

900 North Point St.  San Francisco, CA

A Day in the City

August 31, 2008

We went to the Niners game Friday night (unfortunately, they lost) and spent the night out there so we could spend the next day in the city.  There are so many things to do out there and so many restaurants to eat at… we definitely haven’t capitalized on that since we moved to NorCal.

We went to Yank Sing for lunch.  I was craving good dim sum so we went to the “Rolls Royce” of dim sum restaurants.  It was probably one of the best dim sum restaurants I’ve been to and definitely the most expensive!  I loved the atrium area where we sat… we were close to the intruiging waterfall in the building and had natural lighting.  It was more quiet than sitting inside the restaurant but the carts came very frequently and we got a lot of attention.

We got our usual dim sum choices (shu mai, har gow, sticky rice, etc.) but a wonderful surprise was “Shanghai Dumplings”!  I’ve never seen these at dim sum before and I was so excited to eat them that we got two servings.  These xiao long bao were excellent although Boyfriend kept accidentally poking them with his chopsticks as he was picking them up and he kept losing a lot of his soup.

I would deifnitely love to go here again… the only cons are that it’s far from Sunnyvale and that it’s pricey.  P.S. We parked in the Rincon Center parking garage and it was free with validation!  That is quite unheard of in the city.

101 Spear St. (in Rincon Center)  San Francisco, CA

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