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Chicago style pizza: deep dish

December 1, 2008

Boyfriend had never had Chicago deep dish pizza so we decided to try Patxi’s in Palo Alto.


We started out with a spinach salad… it was really good but probably not good for you.  I wanted to try the poppyseed dressing but the waiter recommended ranch so we went with ranch and had bacon bits.


They had a couple “slices of the day” so we went with those rather than ordering a whole, custom ordered pizza.  Those can take up to 20-30 minutes to bake and we were hungry.


To be honest, I can’t remember what kind of slices we got but this one had jalepenos (I’m not really a fan) and the other had bell peppers (I’m not really a fan of those either!)  To be honest, this wasn’t the best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had. I’ll have to take Boyfriend to the OG source… Chicago here we come! ; )

441 Emerson St.  Palo Alto, CA

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