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Pan fried dumplings, not steamed

March 11, 2008

After my rave review of Din Tai Fung, Jenny suggested we go to Kang Kang Food Court in Alhambra.  We went there to try to juicy goodness of pan fried dumplings, not steamed. 

When we first got in, we stood there in confusion because there is so much to look at.  So much food, so many pictures, and so many things listed on the menu!  I was so excited to see they offer Taiwanese breakfast there until 10:30 AM.  Unfortunately, it was 12:30 PM when we arrived.  We let numerous people go in front of us while we decided what we should order.  The food was incredibly cheap!


The two item combo comes with rice and a bland soup with soybeans in it for $3.65.  We got mixed veggies with fried tofu and this chicken and broccoli dish. 


We had to wait quite awhile for our pan fried dumplings to come out but this was the juicy goodness we drove all this way for.  $5.50 for this plate of 8 dumplings with soup in them.  Boyfriend took a bite of dumpling and a steady stream of juice squirted out the side onto the table.  I couldn’t stop laughing but 2 inches to the right and onto my jeans, that wouldn’t have been so funny.

Because the dumplings are pan fried, they are more filling than the steamed baos at Din Tai Fung.  I think I might’ve liked the steamed ones better.  They go well with my conscience and I don’t feel as guilty after eating them.  Boyfriend however, told me numerous times after we came home, “Those dumplings were SO GOOD!”  I think he is a fan.

I was stuffed after our meal but was so enthralled by the cheap boba prices that we got one to drink on the way home.  $2.54 (which comes out to a convenient $2.75 with tax) for a large boba!!

27 E. Valley Blvd.  Alhambra, CA 

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