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Back in the 808: Boots & Kimo’s

August 15, 2012

When I was little, I would always make Sunday morning breakfast with my Dad.  Most times, our specialty was Betty Crocker blueberry muffins.  My job was lining the muffin tin with baking cups.  Other times, we’d make pancakes together and I would eat my mini pancakes plain with syrup on the side for dipping.  I guess I was never huge on a lot of sauce on my food.  So it surprises me that I liked my banana mac nut pancakes at Boots & Kimo’s as much as I did.

We had read the reviews and warnings about the wait for Boots & Kimo’s.  We thought a random Thursday morning for breakfast wouldn’t be TOO bad so we slept in (we were on vacation, after all) and took our time driving out to Kailua.  Apparently, Boots & Kimo’s is listed in Japanese guide books as THE place to go for breakfast on Oahu and we had to wait outside with many Japanese tourists.  We took a quick walk to Longs Drugs down the street to pass time.  Quick side note, Longs Drugs is still Longs Drugs in Hawaii and did not change their name to CVS!

I needed to order these banana mac nut pancakes.  I love most things banana and most things with mac nuts.  It was the perfect combination of the two.  I was a little concerned about the amount of sauce that is oozing on top of these hot cakes but they were the perfect amount of saucy sweetness on top!  I loved them and thought they were worth the wait.

For some odd reason, TM decided to go with the Huelo Paniolo Omelette.  It comes with corned beef, onions, tomatoes and swiss cheese with a side of fried rice.  I had a bite and it paled in comparison to my pancakes!  TM was eyeing my dish so I was nice enough to share.

I would love to go again for the banana mac nut pancakes!  I just need to make sure to go early and bring cash since they do not accept credit cards.

151 Hekili St.  Kailua, HI 96734

Our nook at Sarabeth’s

September 11, 2009

We went to Sarabeth’s Kitchen for brunch and I came out eating lunch.  We waited a good 45 – 50 minutes to get a table here but the food was definitely worth the wait.  We got to sit in a nook at the restaurant!  The five of us had our own nook in the corner to feel special and cozy in.  Loved it!!


Joy decided to be brave and eat her first eggs benedict.  She went with the Classic Eggs Benedict with authentic canadian smoked ham and hollandaise sauce.  Her first experience was “very yummy!”


I was actually eyeing this dish but Randall got it instead.  He went with the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich on an english muffin with matchstick fries, tartar sauce and a salad of frisee, watercress & apples.


Candace got a Vegetable And Gruyere Frittata.  I didn’t even know what a frittata was but it looks so beautiful.  It looks like an omelette but apparently frittatas are finished off in the oven, whereas an omelette is cooked entirely on the stovetop and folded.


Boyfriend is a big part of this website.  A loyal eater, faithful photographer and encourager of the blog.  The truth is, Boyfriend doesn’t always get what he wants at restaurants.  In fact, he often chooses something the restaurant has run out of… or has decided to discontinue altogether.  It’s happened so many times recently that it almost seems normal for him not to get what he wants.

Boyfriend went with Farmer’s Omelette: leeks, ham and chunks of potato with gruyere.  He had the option of choosing what kind of muffin he’d like on the side and chose a pumpkin spice muffin.  Perfect choice as this is one of my favorites and I assumed I’d get to steal a bite or two.  Of course, they had run out of pumpkin spice muffins!  So the story of his saga begins…


I went with a club sandwich.  It sounds boring, I know.  This one was NOT boring though and was very special as it had fresh mozzarella cheese in it!   It came with roasted turkey breast, fresh mozzarella, virginia ham, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing on 7-grain bread.  The bread was excellent with wonderful flavors trapped between.  The salad on the side was light and a perfect complement to the sandwich.


I wish I had taken pictures of the decor at Sarabeth’s.  The restaurant was very open and bright and much larger than I originally thought because there is quite a large eating area in the back.  It’s in a great location because Central Park is waiting to be explored across the street and there is also great shopping on 5th Ave. 


What a beautiful day for a stroll in the park!  It’s like visiting the countryside in the middle of the city.  It was also a wonderful way to walk off some of the calories we had just consumed!

40 Central Park S.  (Between 5th and 6th Ave.)  New York, NY

My FAVORITE breakfast place!

August 28, 2009

I have a confession to make:  I don’t really like breakfast food.  That said, my favorite breakfast place is Amandine.  The thing I love about Amandine is that everything tastes light.  You know how sometimes you eat eggs and cheese and just feel lethargic after?  That doesn’t happen here.


Boyfriend went with the country omelette.  It has bacon, potato, cheddar cheese and onion.  Doesn’t the food look light and the omelette look fluffy?  The omelettes always come with fresh fruit on the side, potatoes and toast.  Looking at this breakfast plate makes me smile and want to eat breakfast for dinner.


I went with the cheese danish.  I am usually not a pastry person.  I only like pastries when they are TO DIE FOR.  This cheese danish definitely falls into that category.  It is light and buttery but not so buttery that your fingers get greasy and you feel guilty after you eat it.  I ordered two… one to eat there and one to eat the next morning!


The cakes here are fabulous as well!  They are gorgeous and not too sweet but just sweet enough.  I’ve tried a number of the cakes and have never been disappointed!  I tried to be inconspicuous and took this picture from where I was sitting.

12225 Wilshire Blvd.  (between Wellesley Ave. & Amherst Ave.) Los Angeles, CA

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