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Okay, I lied.

November 20, 2009

I thought I was over my craving obsession with pizza.  The addiction had subdued but after my last post, I started to talk to people about pizza.  Pizza places, kinds of pizza, toppings, etc.  My co-worker David even visited Giovanni’s after that post to check it out.  He gave it an A because of the chewiness of the crust and the awesome parmesan they provide!  With each discussion, my mouth started salivating and I started NEEDING it again.  A pure addict, indeed.

I knew I wanted either Giovanni’s or Round Table last night and we chose the latter because we had a coupon.   Out of the specialty pizzas, the King Arthur is my fave:  Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Italian dry salami, linguica, white mushrooms, green peppers, yellow onions, and black olives. Baked with a blend of 3 cheeses and Zesty Red Sauce.

If you buy a large specialty pizza at regular price, you get a one-topping medium pizza for 50 cents!!  It is in honor of Round Table’s 50th Anniversary.  I was in heaven because I love King Arthur’s and I LOOOOOOOVE mushroom pizza.  I’m not sure if Boyfriend thought I was joking when I said we should get both but that’s what we did.  Of course we have leftovers – that was the original plan!  And of course, I am fine with eating the leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. : )

Jap Chae

October 14, 2008

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love Korean food.  This was my first attempt at making jap chae or Korean glass noodles.

You can see why they are often called “glass noodles.” 

I don’t follow recipes all that carefully and tend to throw in whatever we have sitting in the fridge.  I used thin slices of beef, garlic, onions, mushrooms, carrots and spinach.

I sauteed the veggies separately from the meat. 

Then I combined the two together in the pan.

When the veggie/meat combo was done, I mixed it into a bowl with the noodles.  I mixed shoyu, sesame oil, sesame seeds and whatever else altogether with the noodles and it was ready to eat!  It wasn’t bad for my first try but next time, I think I’ll only make half of the noodle package.  We had A LOT of leftovers!

Homemade pizza!!

September 16, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, Boyfriend and I do not go out to eat all the time.  In fact, we cook quite often!  Boyfriend is quite adventurous and loves trying new recipes.  He actually watches the Food Network way more than I do.

I’ve been on a pizza kick for the past week and a half and we decided that it’d be great to make our own pizza at home.  We bought Trader Joe’s “garlic and herb ready-to-bake pizza dough” and started from there.

 After letting the dough sit for 20 minutes, I shaped it on the baking pan with some flour.  I used my hands because we don’t own a rolling pin and this is the shape we ended up with. 

I always order mushroom pizza when I go out to eat so Boyfriend was kind enough to oblige to a meatless pizza.

We also added garlic along with basil and garlic chives from my herb garden. 

This was such a simple meal!  The dough is only $1.29 and all of the ingredients were things we had at home.  We used spaghetti sauce for the pizza sauce, “Mexican blend” shredded cheese, mushrooms, garlic, basil and chives.  Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and it’s ready for consumption!  Boyfriend liked it so much that he wants to have it again for dinner… tomorrow! 😀

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