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Dolce this!

April 8, 2008

I’ll admit… I wasn’t terribly excited about driving out to Melrose again for dinner.  (This would be the second time in 3 days.)  It just seemed more trouble than it was worth and what does Ashton Kutcher know about food anyways?!?  I almost told Boyfriend, “You know what, let’s just stay home for dinner tonight.”  I had done five loads of laundry and my body felt like mush by the end of the day.  But… I am so—-o glad I kept my mouth shut and that we went!!

Allen had told me about Dolce a few weeks ago.  Everything on their menu is 50% off on Mondays!!!  Correction, all the food on their menu is half off on Mondays.  Alcohol is regular price but since we went there for the food, we scored!

Our reservations were at 6 PM and the place was so deserted it was uncanny. 

I loved the decor and ambiance as soon as I sat down.  The seats were incredibly plush and Boyfriend pointed out the bar to me right away.

I don’t think the open flame behind the bar served any purpose but it was cool to see.  A half hour later and I wouldn’t have been able to get this shot.  The bar soon became packed.

We had two starters, one which was the Pesto Gnocchi.  I thought the gnocchi at Village Idiot was good but this was superb!  It states “appetizer portion” on the menu but there were plenty for Boyfriend and I to share and at $4.50 (the half off price) it was a steal.

Our other starter was the Tuna Tartare with avocado and tomato stacked on crispy wontons.  Boyfriend said it reminded him of poke and although this was good, he likes poke better.

After our starters were brought out, we got bread, cheese and salami.  Boyfriend kept eating and eating and eating and eating the bread.  I counted 5 pieces!  It must’ve been good… or he must’ve been really hungry!

Boyfriend went with the NY Steak after our server told us it was one of his favorite dishes.  He had just had it the night before for his birthday.  It had a peppercorn sauce and came with mashed potatoes and veggies.

I learned what osso bucco means – since I didn’t know back in Carmel – (slow cooked) and went with Dolce’s signature dish: Milanese.  Veal osso bucco on saffron risotto with a red wine sauce.  It was divine!

We were both too stuffed for dessert and called it a night after our main dishes.  No special appearance by Ashton unfortunately but the night was still exciting!  The place was bustling around 7 and I’m glad we got to take in and enjoy the restaurant before everyone got there as well as see what the crowd is like during it’s busy hours as well.  This place would get four and a half stars out of five for sure!

8284 Melrose Ave.  Los Angeles, CA

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