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Sushi by the sea…

September 2, 2009

I used to go to Katsu just about once a week with my co-workers when I worked in El Segundo.  They are one of my favorite sushi places to go for lunch and you’re right by the beach.


All lunches usually come with salad and miso soup.  I love the dressing on the salad.  Ponzu with olive oil.  It’s very light but flavorful.


I always, always go with the chirashi.  You get a great mix of fish and everything is so fresh, I love it!!  I always save my hamachi slices for last because those are the best.


Boyfriend went with a nigiri/spicy tuna roll combo.  Aren’t they beautiful??  His lunch came with salad and miso soup as well.  The meals also both came with green tea ice cream for dessert!  What a perfect meal.  It’s calming to look at the ocean out the window while eating and also makes you feel good about the fish being fresh.

306 Rosecrans Ave.  Manhattan Beach, CA

Birthday cupcakes!!

September 1, 2009

Jill brought me birthday cupcakes to dinner!!  Boyfriend and I were spending the afternoon at Manhattan Beach and we ran into Jill.  She tried to play it off like she goes there often to hang out.  Although I didn’t remember her ever telling me she went to Manhattan Beach to “go shopping” as she put it, I didn’t think much of it.  Little did I know that she had this cupcake plan in play!


Like a true food blogger, I took a picture of them before I blew out the candles.  They are so cute with the candles!


I chose a red velvet with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Mmmmm. : )  Thanks Jill!!

1120 Manhattan Ave.  Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

I heart sushi!

February 14, 2008

Boyfriend took me to one of my favorite sushi places for a Valentine’s lunch today.  I used to frequent Katsu in Manhattan Beach once or twice a week when I worked in the area.  Although I quit about a year and a half ago, the waitress still remembered me and exactly what I used to order!  The fish is so fresh and I love their lunch menu…


Old habits die hard and mine are no exception.  I ALWAYS order the chirashi.  This plethora of sashimi comes on a bed of sushi rice and is served with miso soup and salad.


Boyfriend ordered the lunch bento box of the day which came with sea bass, tempura and spicy tuna roll.  What can I say, we know how to eat well!

Katsu has happy hour from 5:30 to 6:30 PM with 99 cent Kirin draft beer and half priced hand rolls.  I think we’ll be going back in a couple weeks!  The waitress gave us free kuro goma (black sesame) ice cream because she said she missed me and was glad to see me.  Awww.

302 Rosecrans Ave.  Manhattan Beach, CA

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