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Maid Cafe

May 3, 2009
Maid Cafes are a big part of otaku culture (Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games) in Japan.  Apparently, Maid Cafes are pretty popular right now, specifically in the Akihabara area of Tokyo.  Someone suggested we check one out while in Akihabara and I was intrigued so we decided to go.
As soon as you step out from the train station, you see girls dressed in French maid costumes trying to get you to go to their Maid Cafe.
We chose this Maid Cafe for no particular reason.  As soon as you walk inside, the maids come up to you and say stuff like, “Welcome home Master!  You must’ve had a long day.”
The menu is very simple and standard.  I went with a shrimp rice pilaf and Boyfriend got a dry curry.  All entrees were 1200 yen (!!) and all soft drinks were 600 yen.


 Pictures aren’t allowed inside the restaurant but we snuck a few.  You can PAY to take a picture with a maid and/or have a video made of a conversation you have with them.

I wouldn’t go back to a Maid Cafe although it was interesting to see.  I thought the clientele would be young, lonely, dorky males but there were a lot of females dining there as well.  The married couple sitting next to us even asked for a frequent diner’s card so they can collect points!  I’m glad we saw what a Maid Cafe is like since it’s definitely something unique to the Japanese culture.



After we ate, while walking around, we saw these cars about a block away.  Otaku culture at it’s finest!

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