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New York’s # 1 Steakhouse 24 years in a row

September 14, 2009

I did it again.  I ate steak for the umpteenth time this summer and have therefore sworn off red meat until Christmas.  We just HAD to make a trip to Peter Luger’s  though, since we were in New York. 


I was worried about what to wear to dinner this night.  We had been at the U.S. Open all day and barely had time to shower before heading out to Brooklyn.  Once we got there, I realized I didn’t need to worry at all.  This is your no frills, good meat kind of steakhouse.  Nothing is fancy, no dim lighting, just good food all around.  Since there were eight of us at dinner, we ordered two “Steaks for Four.”  The big thing at Peter Luger’s is to share your steaks.  We also got tomatoes and onions with Luger sauce as an appetizer, creamed spinach, french fries and special German fried potatoes.


The meat is broiled and brought to your table and served.  It comes sliced so it’s easy to eat in a big group.  Some of the guys in the group (including Boyfriend) grabbed a bone to gnaw on at the end.  We all left stuffed and happy.  We did not order the “Holy Cow Hot Fudge Sundae” because we headed elsewhere for dessert that night…

Peter Luger’s only takes cash so go to dinner prepared.  This place has been around since 1887 and will probably be around for a looooong time with the quality of steaks they serve!

178 Broadway  Brooklyn, NY 11211

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