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Ken’s Artisan Pizza

January 25, 2010

We tried to go to Ken’s Artisan Pizza for lunch only to find out we were at Ken’s Bakery instead.  We headed over to Ken’s Artisan Pizza only to find out they are only open for dinner from 5 to 10 PM.  Since Matt wanted to watch the Raven’s game at 5:15, we watched the game at Henry’s and headed over to Ken’s after that.  Somewhere in between was when Boyfriend lost his cell phone and we waited and waited for a table.

My friend Kitty had warned me to go early otherwise we’d wait for a loooong time for a table.  And wait we did!  It was a blessing though because I was so full from our earlier escapades that it gave my stomach a chance to want food again.  We ordered three pizzas for the four of us and had a couple slices leftover.  Matt asked where the pepperoni was on the menu. ; )  We ordered an olive pizza, an Amatriciana – roasted tomato sauce, housemade pancetta, red onions and Pecorino, and a butternut squash with basil pizza.  They were all excellent but I liked the butternut squash one the best.  Great thin crust pizza but make sure to go early otherwise you’ll end up waiting an hour like we did.  I think we finally ate around 9:30 PM!!

304 Southeast 28th Avenue   Portland, OR


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