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Please come back!

November 23, 2009

I’m so excited that “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” is going to air again on December 1, 2009 for a Holiday episode!  The Food Network stars will share the best things they’ve eaten during the holidays.  I’m hoping it’s back for another season rather than just some holiday special.  This show has inspired us to eat at so many places and it’s always exciting to see places you’ve been to already featured on the show as well.

Eating on the Miracle Mile

March 28, 2008

Randall is back in town! I rarely go to the Miracle Mile (I can’t stand the traffic getting there) as it is so it was a treat to go with Randall and Boyfriend for lunch.

I like the openness of Joan’s on Third and their display cases reminded me of the Italian deli I go to back at home. Everything was clean, bright and inviting. Pictures are not allowed inside (I got scolded for taking out my camera – boo!) but just imagine a deli counter where you order your food at the register and they bring it to your table.

One awesome thing about LA is that the weather is great 99% of the time so you can sit outside and eat. Randall mentioned a couple times that he misses that about LA now that he lives in NY. We sat at our table on the sidewalk and people watched while we talked and waited for our food to come out.


Tap water comes to you in a bottle at Joan’s! We double checked the receipt to make sure it was free tap water. (I once got charged $9.00 for a bottle of flat water unknowingly.)


I had forgotten Randall’s obsession with chicken. We ordered the same thing… the chicken milanese (lightly breaded chicken) with provolone. His on ciabatta, mine on a French baguette. You can choose to get your sandwich warm or cold… honestly, who would choose to get this cold?!? It was very light and had a real lemon-y taste. (There were sliced lemons in between each piece of chicken on display.) I’m not a pickle fan so the sweet pickles on the side went to Boyfriend. I could’ve gone for fries but that’s just because I’m a french fry fiend.


Boyfriend went with the turkey meatloaf sandwich on ciabatta with chili aioli. This sandwich was highly recommended on Yelp and I think Boyfriend had no complaints. It tasted like chili.

I had heard that Joan’s has amazing cheeses and cupcakes but I didn’t bother trying to fit those in since I knew we already had Red Mango on our itinerary.  If there’s a next time, what I’d really like to try is the Chinese Chicken salad.  It looked amazing!


Supposedly, Red Mango is the original fro yo place and Pinkberry copied them. It was EXACTLY like Pinkberry. They have original and green tea yogurt with the green tea tasting nasty and weird. The toppings were the same. Even the style of the decor was similar to Pinkberry… except it was mostly red inside Red Mango. Go figure.


I guess some things never change. Randall is still attached to his phone/Blackberry and ignores his company! :p

Joan’s on Third: 8350 West Third Street (between La Cienega Blvd. and Fairfax Ave.) Los Angeles, CA

Red Mango: 5115 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

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