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URL at Yahoo!

May 9, 2008

I got to go to the Yahoo! campus for the first time to eat lunch with Horace and Carlo.  They had this “recruiting event” going on so we all got free t-shirts and cafeteria credit enough for free lunch AND dessert.

URL was packed when we went at noon but by the time I took this picture, it had cleared out.

They had all different stations for various kinds of food… grill stuff, pizza, custom made salads, Mexican, Asian, Indian, etc.

All three of us ate exactly the same thing for lunch.  We got the “classic” which is the daily special.  Yesterday was lemon garlic chicken with faro tomato salad and asparagus.  Yum!  The weather was nice enough to sit outside and eat.

I was so————o excited to see that they have It’s It ice cream there!!  I had just told Boyfriend about how great It’s Its are and that they can only be found in NorCal.  I made Horace and Carlo not tell me how many calories are in one of these.  I hyped these up so much that when Boyfriend and I went to Safeway last night, he bought a box of mint It’s Its so he could try.  I’m pretty sure he approved. : )

701 First Avenue   Sunnyvale, CA

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