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July 2, 2008
We were so limited on time that we had to make a mental list of exactly what and where we wanted to eat in Hawaii.  We arrived on Oahu around noon so after dropping our stuff off, we headed straight for lunch.  #1 on our list was poke. 
We picked up some furikake poke and shoyu poke from Foodland.  I can’t even remember now which one I liked better but they were both good!!
Boyfriend was craving meat jun.  It’s a local Korean dish which is basically thin strips of beef (flank steak or whatever) marinated, floured and fried with a shoyu type dipping sauce.  I actually prefer mine without any sauce.
I was totally craving cake noodle so we made our third stop at a Chinese restaurant to get some!  Do you ever order chow mein and wish you could get a bite with more noodles in it?  I love the veggies in chow mein but sometimes I wish I could eat a clump of just noodles. 
No idea what the restaurants were called since I forgot to ask Boyfriend but they were all in the same shopping center as the Kaneohe Foodland.  : )
P.S.  Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!! : )

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