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Thank you Tyler Florence!

January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!  It is rare that TM has a work-free weekend so we took this opportunity to drive up to Sausalito for a day trip.  He had never been there before and for some reason, I thought it would be sunny and gorgeous up there all weekend.

Of course, I suggested Sausalito because there was some food stuff I wanted needed to try.  I’m starting to quite love Tyler Florence and any of his food recommendations on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  On the “Reinvented Classics” episode, Tyler mentioned the crab roll at Fish.  It is the west coast sibling to the lobster roll!

It is sweet Dungeness crab mixed with chives and butter piled onto a roll that has been grilled with butter.  You can choose shoestring fries, side salad or coleslaw but really, who would choose anything but fries?

These shoestring fries were pretty darn amazing!  They were light and plentiful!!

Here’s a close up of the crab meat.  The best part was not having to crack the crab and dig for the meat myself.  It was bite after bite of meaty, buttery goodness.  At $25 per sandwich this was definitely not a cheap meal but so worth it.

TM is a real trooper and went along with me (he had no choice, really) to this seafood restaurant.  He ordered the Saigon Salmon sandwich which was a grilled marinated salmon with carrot, jalapeno, cilantro, with a Vietnamese ginger scallion sauce spread onto the roll.  The sauce definitely had a little kick to it!  He ordered the side of coleslaw and stole some of my fries.

TM splurged and went for a hot chocolate since it was so cold out.  It had the perfect blend of cinnamon in the hot chocolate!

All cold drinks were served in darling Mason jars.  Even the draft beer!  (I have a feeling they started this before the current wedding trend.)

Everything on the menu is fresh and sustainable.  Fish Restaurant received the Sustainable North Bay Award to honor their commitment to protecting wild fish populations and helping the local economy by supporting local fisherman.  Go Fish!

We arrived at 11:30 on the dot and were the second party in the restaurant.  We soon saw families and couples come in.  I’m so glad we got there when we did.  Every seat in the place was filled once we got our food and a family of four snatched up our table as soon as we stood up to leave.

I was surprised at how many families with little children there were at Fish.  I asked TM if we would come back with our kids one day and he said our future kids can eat $1 chicken mcnuggets from McD’s… not $7 PB&J that is on the menu at Fish.  They have a small kids menu with four items on it including fish sticks, grilled cheese, PB&J and pasta.

This place is cash only so make sure to hit the ATM before you go!

350 Harbor Drive   Sausalito, CA

Nihon shoku (Japanese food)

January 29, 2009

In honor of our trip to Japan in April (did I mention that Boyfriend and I are going to Japan in April?!?) I am sharing with you the beauty of a Japanese meal in Japan.


One place I’d like to take Boyfriend to in Japan is a ryokan.  It is somewhat of a Japanese “bed and breakfast” and you sleep on the floor on tatami mats.  The meal pictured above was from a ryokan in Beppu, Japan.  This dinner was included in our stay and was brought to our room. 

Everything in Japan has to do with presentation and food is no exception.   Japanese meals always include tons of little dishes so the servings are small but you get to try a lot of different things.  Many of the dishes include fish or tofu and rice.  Can you imagine washing all of these dishes after the meal is over?!?

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