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Athena: Greek Food!

November 6, 2008

I think I have found a new favorite Greek restaurant in the area!!  Athena Grill.  Forget Daphne’s, you get bigger servings here. : )  The pita here was so fluffy and good!  As soon as you sit down you are served with a basket of warm pita and bread with hummous.   Excuse the bad pictures, I forgot my camera at home and took these on my cell.


Boyfriend went with the beef Gyro Plate.  It came with a Greek salad and a side of Greek fries.  The fries were delicious (my dish came with them too) and the gyro had a lot of flavor!  This is what I usually order when we go to Greek restaurants but for some reason I chose something else this night.


I went with the Arnaki Pita which was thinly sliced lamb with onions, tomatoes, spring greens, tzatziki sauce, etc. all wrapped in a pita.  The lamb was semi bland but that might have been because I asked for the wrap without roasted bell peppers and I took off all the Feta cheese.


Our Falafel Mezes was really good!


The grape leaves (dolmades) were pretty good.  Not the best I’ve had but I usually eat homemade ones that Elisa’s Grandma makes… and you know that you can never beat Grandma’s home cooking! ; )
We went home with tons of leftovers and had them for lunch the next day.  I’m excited to go back!
1505 Space Park Dr.  Santa Clara, CA

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