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Awful Italian at Il Postale

November 3, 2008

Il Postale in downtown Sunnyvale seems to have a great reputation but I’m not sure why.  The hostess is incompetent and does not seem to value their guests.  We were told the wait would be 30 minutes when we saw open tables before us and she seated a couple who came after us at the counter seats instead of even offering them to us.  I’m not even sure why we stayed after the awful treatment we received upon walking in and now I wish we hadn’t.

I ordered a chicken and risotto dish.  The chicken breast was dry and I wouldn’t be surprised if the veggies on the side were from a frozen bag.  This dish was $18.95 but not even worth $10 in my opinion.

Boyfriend went with a pork tenderloin entree which had the same “frozen” veg etables on the side and polenta.  His pork was decent tasting but not worth $22.95.

The prices at this restaurant were ridiculous for what you got and the service was horrendous.  I have no desire to ever return.  They currently have a $13 off coupon in Wave magazines because it is their 13th anniversary but it’s still not worth the money.

127 W. Washington Avenue  Sunnyvale, CA

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