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Back in the 808: Botero Bar at the Grand Wailea

April 20, 2012

Our dear friends Elisa and Matt were on Maui while we were on Oahu and since our trips overlapped, we decided to hop over to see them.  It was Matt’s first time to the islands so we had all sorts of advice to offer on where to go and what to see… and of course what to eat.

We didn’t do any of that though.  There was no drive to Hana, no viewing of the sunrise or sunset at Haleakala Crater, and believe it or not, we hardly had any beach time either.  Elisa’s Dad was at a conference at the Grand Wailea on Maui and we spent a majority of our time living it up in the hotel pool.  It’s not just any ordinary hotel pool though.  There were multiple pools that were connected by a river to carry swimmers at various speeds.  The pools boasted of water slides, jacuzzis, a water elevator, swim up bar and more.

Our first night on Maui, we started things off right by going to the Botero Bar at the Grand Wailea.  (Side note, Botero Bar is not half as fun to say as the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Bar they have there.  That is the name of the state fish of Hawaii.)  We sipped on Bikini Blondes and Molokini Sunset cocktails… our vacation had truly begun!

3850 Wailea Alanui   Wailea, HI

Infiniti Bar

December 21, 2010

When it’s cold and rainy outside like it is now in California, it’s hard to remember what it’s like to feel hot.  If I remember correctly, we had actually tried to walk here the night before.  That ended up in an almost 3 mile walk in the wrong direction (round trip) and made me hungry and grumpy.  We ended up eating dinner at our resort that night which ended up being quite pleasant.  We tried again the next day and as we walked across the powdery white sand to get to the Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club, sand stuck to me because of all the sunblock I had on and because I was so sweaty from being outside.  I was hot, hungry and grumpy (again) but the food and the view soon fixed that.

This is the longest bar in the Caribbean at 90 feet but we couldn’t sit at it because the bar top and chairs were too hot to the touch.  It was absolutely beautiful and is probably super fun to be there at night!  It is located in the “adults only” section of the resort.

We actually ordered food off of the Grill Rouge menu for lunch.  I ordered the TCI conch salad since I was in love with the stuff.  It came with crisp potato and spicy guacamole that was not spicy at all.  It was light and refreshing.

TM went with the jerk chicken with rice and fried plantain.  The chicken had a lot of flavor but I definitely liked my dish better.  I have a hard time eating temperature hot food when it’s scalding hot outside.  We did sit outside in the shade in the lounge area and ate our lunch.  Oh to be warm again.  And on vacation…

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