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Depa Chika

May 19, 2009

There are many great stores attached to the train and bus stations in Japan so you never need to go outside if the weather is undesirable.  It tends to be extremely humid during the summer and it snows during the winter so there are many days that you would rather not fight the elements.

The basement of department stores are known to have wonderful food courts and stations to buy food.  Many people grab lunch in these basements or dinner on the way home.  They are called “depa chika” for short.  (department basement)


I love looking at the displays because everything is about presentation in Japan.  My aunt had told me that she was making maki sushi for dinner that night otherwise, I definitely would’ve loved to try one of these.


You can also buy various kinds of rice according to weight.

Nihon2009 357

They have almost every kind of Japanese food imaginable!  Tempura, tonkatsu, sushi, etc.


After you are done eating your meal, they always have some wonderful dessert waiting for you too!

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