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Joy Luck Place

May 30, 2008

I’ve been slacking on the posts but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating!

Joy Luck Place has weeknight specials where a certain dish has a “sale” price on a particular night.  Friday night happens to be Lobster Noodle night.  It’s regularly $35 but on sale for $20.  Horace, Carlo and I headed out there to meet up with a couple of their other friends for dinner.  We didn’t know that there are TWO Joy Luck Place restaurants in the same plaza.  One is more of a fast food Chinese place (from the looks of it) and the one we went to was the nicer, sit-down restaurant.

We each chose one dish for us to all share at dinner.  We started out with a chicken / vegetable soup which was pretty plain.

Carlo chose the walnut prawns which were not as mayonnaise-y and sweet as other places can be.

Christine chose Peking duck.  (Monday or Tuesday night is Peking duck night in case you were wondering.)

I chose a braised tofu and veggie dish.

And of course, someone had to choose the Lobster Noodles!  This was the whole reason why we ate at this particular restaurant (I think) so Felix made this his choice.  Our five dishes and steamed rice was all very filling!

I don’t remember anything being totally spectacular at dinner but everything was good.  The lobster noodles were probably my favorite dish of the evening.  I ate so much at dinner that I didn’t have room for boba at Fantasia Coffee… sadness.  Including tax and tip, it was a little under $20 per person.  Not too bad for all that we ate.

10911 N. Wolfe Road  Cupertino, CA

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