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Dessert Time!

May 4, 2008

After playing with Carlo’s darling new puppy, he had a wonderful idea… dessert!  So Carlo, Horace and I headed over to Cocola Bakery on Santana Row to satisfy our sweet teeth.

Carlo went with cheesecake and… some sort of coffee.  (I don’t drink coffee so I have no idea what is what!)

Horace went with a chocolate and caramel cake with some kind of coffee also.

I choose a yummy strawberry eclair.  It was very light although probably not light in calories. 😛

After dessert we walked around and shopped a bit, checked out the dogs at the little park by Maggiano’s and walked across the street to Valley Fair.  After Carlo and Horace’s shopping spree in Macy’s (friends and family 20% off ends soon! – I had already done shopping damage at Macy’s two days prior) they suggested getting ice cream!!  It must be nice being a guy and not having to worry about your weight, I’m jealous.

333 Santana Row, #1045  San Jose, CA

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