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February 11, 2008

We went on a hike up to the Hollywood sign this past weekend to soak up the sun and great weather.  What better way to work up an appetite than to exercise!  After our 2 hour hike, we decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite foods: sushi.  I’ve been going to CA Roll Factory for a few years now and love the menu choices they have there.  They have every roll imagineable at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. 


There are about a gazillion rolls with names that do not identify what is in the roll at all.  These are the Tootsie and Woody rolls.  (Actually, I can’t remember what the top roll was called.)  I ate them so fast I can’t even remember what was in them!


Boyfriend had to closely examine the rolls to determine which was which.


I was so ravenous that I ate a “crispy roll” before the picture was taken!  The soy paper is a nice alternative to the traditional nori.  Boyfriend chose the Tootsie Roll which was a fancy salmon skin roll.


After our lunch, we headed over to Di Dio’s in Santa Monica for Italian Ice.  It was the perfect dessert for our upper 70’s weather we had over the weekend.  Even though we were full from lunch, we managed to fit in dessert since it IS only frozen, flavored water… the green apple flavor was delicious and mango is a close second favorite!

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