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July 31, 2011


We spent the luxurious weekend in Carmel!  When TM and I first started dating, Carmel was the first trip we went on so I’ve always considered it to be our special place.  This time the newest member of our family joined us!  Koa experienced the beach for the first time and loved sand a little too much.  He sniffed it, snorted it, licked it and rolled around in it much to my dismay.

Luckily, Carmel is one of the dog friendliest cities I know and we didn’t have a problem dining or shopping with our pup.  Our favorite place to grab a sandwich in Carmel is Bruno’s Market and Deli.  They don’t skimp on the meat and every sandwich is packed with flavor.  I got a turkey sandwich yesterday and chicken salad today.  Yes, we went twice for lunch in two days!  I actually wasn’t a fan of their chicken salad… it had too many huge celery chunks, bits of apple and seemed a little too heavy on the mayo.  Next time I’ll stick with regular turkey or ham.

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