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Snack at Safeco Field

June 3, 2011

After dinner at Pike Place Chowder, we headed over to Safeco Field to catch a baseball game.  The Mariners were hosting the NY Yankees for the weekend and it ended up being an exciting game!  Besides the game going into extra innings and the home team winning in the bottom of the 12th inning, 5-4, there were four separate people who rushed the field to get arrested, one of them being completely nekkid.  That served for quite a bit of entertainment, especially when the towel the policemen brought out to cover him, fell off.

It was chilly at the park with pretty gusty winds so by the time we ate this, it was cold.  I was pretty surprised TM didn’t grab a hot dog since we were at a baseball game but he said the spicy chicken was calling his name.  The chicken had a nice kick to it and I ate a handful of fries because I can never seem to turn down french fries.  Sadly enough, it was too cold for me to even consider drinking a beer.  I opted for hot chocolate to keep me warm during the game.

Safeco was a nice, clean park with great views.  The sun didn’t set until after 9 PM and we got some great shots of the buildings in the background as the sun was setting later in the evening.

1250 First Ave.   Seattle, WA

Unnecessary afternoon snack!

January 21, 2010

Would you believe that after our “lunner” at Bridgeport, we moseyed on over to Henry’s Tavern to watch the Ravens game?   They have over 100 beers and hard ciders on tap with the majority of them hailing from local breweries.

Even though we weren’t hungry, it’s a rough drinking without something to munch on so Boyfriend ordered waffle fries with gorgonzola cheese melted over it.   I’m not usually a fan of gorgonzola but when it’s melted, it’s much milder.  And of course, it was smothered on top of french fries which I love.  Matt bought Elisa and I Moroccan coffees and the pomegranate and raspberry martinis pictured above so I didn’t even try the beer there!  We weren’t able to find four seats at the bar but Elisa and Matt pointed out to us that there is ice all around the bar to set your drinks on so they don’t get cold *edit* warm.  Genius!!

10 NW 12th Avenue   Portland, OR

St. John’s Theater and Pub

January 19, 2010

It started out innocently enough.  Elisa and Matt asked if we wanted to grab a drink after they picked us up from the airport Friday night.

We went to St. John’s Theater and Pub which is one of the McMenamins locations right around the corner from Elisa’s place.  We sat right over the kitchen on the second floor and the heavenly aromas wafted up to us.  It happened to be their late night happy hour and I happen to have this love for fried potatoes and that’s how I came to order the cajun tots.  That entire basket of tots was $1!!  It was slightly spicy tator tots with ranch to dip in.  My ruby beer (which dangerously tasted like juice) is featured on the left and Boyfriend’s beer is on the right.

And so began our weekend of over indulging.  I know I just wrote in my last post that I’m trying to be healthier and lose weight but I was on vacation!  Please. Don’t. Judge.

8203 N. Ivanhoe   Portland, OR

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