Back in the 808: Alan Wong’s

We had heard so many wonderful things about the food at Alan Wong’s that we decided to check it out for ourselves.  The restaurant itself is located on the third floor of an office building with not much of a view.  Once inside, we were brought an iPad that had the drink and food menus on it.  Some of the dishes had pictures we could look at to get an idea of what we were ordering.

The restaurant is quite small and dark so my pictures do not do our meal any justice.  Everything we ate was amazing, from the warm bread with a dijon chili aioli to our cocktails to our entrees and dessert.  In fact, the complimentary bread was so good with the aoili that I ate too much of it and made myself sick.  Lesson learned.


I will leave you with one of our favorites of the night.  TM had ordered the prix fixe menu and while everything that came out as part of his meal was great, this whole tomato salad was surprisingly divine.  The tomato itself is skinned, sliced and placed back together onto the plate.  It was beautifully ripe and the li hing mui ume vinaigrette around it brought it up a notch.

We are headed back to Hawaii tomorrow for a wedding!  While Alan Wong’s isn’t on our itinerary this time around, we do have many other places we plan on trying!

1857 S King St.  Honolulu, HI 96826

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One Comment on “Back in the 808: Alan Wong’s”

  1. The Mister Says:

    This is one of the top places that the locals in Hawaii go for special dinners. After finally getting to experience it, I can totally see why. There were very few misses in the many dishes we got to sample. I got a kalua pig grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup that was pretty awesome. I had a short rib dish that was really good, but I had eaten so much at that point, that it was becoming difficult to swallow it down. I somehow managed though, because it was so good. That tomato salad in the picture though was amazing. AMAZING. I wish I knew how to make that li hing mui ume vinaigrette. I would put it on a lot more than just tomatoes. My mouth is watering just remembering thinking about that dish.

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