Back in the 808: McDonald’s breakfast

I have a rule that when I travel, I cannot eat at a chain restaurant.  Why eat at Chili’s in Los Angeles, when I can go to Chili’s in my hometown?  It is just not special… unless they have special menu items at other locations.

One place I enjoy checking out in foreign countries is McDonald’s.  There are always different menu items that are fun to try, as well as some regular staples. There were gyros at McDonald’s in Greece and shaka shaka chicken at McDonald’s in Japan, to name a couple.

Even though Hawaii is a part of the U.S., they still have special menu items.  Before we left the mainland to go to Hawaii, I told TM that we should put McDonald’s breakfast on the list.  We were not allowed to go there for lunch, snack or dinner.  It specifically had to be breakfast.

McDonald’s in Hawaii has rice on the menu for breakfast!  TM and I both got Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice with TM’s platter having a beloved serving of spam as well.

McDonald’s in Hawaii also has different flavored pies.  My favorite flavor is haupia so I was bummed, they didn’t have it this time around.   We did pick up a taro pie though!  There were little chunks of taro throughout which made it very yummy.  Yes, we ate the pie for breakfast because we wanted to eat it while it was still warm.  And yes, the pies at McDonald’s in Hawaii are still fried, not baked.

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4 Comments on “Back in the 808: McDonald’s breakfast”

  1. Angelica Says:

    Jenn, I enjoyed McDonald’s in Hawaii coz of the rice and the spam. We went there for breakfast too. Filipinos can eat rice for breakfast 🙂 And I love spam!!!! Too bad we didn’t have the pie… and I love taro too! Hopefully next time, we can try the taro pie.

  2. fatjenny Says:

    portuguese sausage!! I haven’t had that in FOREVER!!

  3. The Mister Says:

    It’s sad to think that growing up I used to love getting the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. Now that I’ve moved away, I wish I would have ordered the portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice more. The taro pie was really good, but I think I still prefer the haupia pie when they have it.

  4. xoxo4u Says:

    We didn’t know that Fruit Punch was a local menu item until we
    ordered it in California and got a strange look from the order taker!
    Oh really..was our response when they said they don’t serve it there.

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