One of the things I loved about our resort were the different activities they had everyday.  They did fish feeding almost every morning (definitely anti-climactic since we saw ZERO fish), BINGO at the swim up bar, frog racing once a week, a lovo feast, movie night, grass skirt making, etc.  When they had a cooking demonstration, you know I was one of the first ones there.

Our chef taught us how to make Kokoda.  It seemed to be the Fijian version of ceviche and actually did not involve any cooking at all.  It is made from white flesh fish and it is marinated or “cooked” with lime juice, coconut cream and various vegetables such as onion, tomatoes and peppers.  It’s best to marinate the fish overnight or a minimum of six hours.

I really enjoyed kokoda and wouldn’t mind trying to make it at home.  It seems simple enough if you could find fresh fish to make it with!

These last three pictures have nothing to do with food (since we definitely did not eat the frogs afterward) but it was amazing how exciting the races were!  People were given the opportunity to bid on the frogs and half of the money went to the local schools in Fiji.  Each frog represented a country so everyone cheered on the frogs for their country.  It was amazing how much the Australia frog went for since 80% of the guests at our resort were on holiday from Australia!

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One Comment on “Kokoda”

  1. The Mister Says:

    The kokoda was actually pretty good. Fijian cooking seems to involve a lot of coconut milk, and this was no exception. I liked that there were chilies in it which gave it a little heat and the lime juice gave it a tartness which nicely countered the creaminess of the coconut milk.
    The frog race was pretty hilarious, and the family from Australia that we were talking with prior to the race were actually the winners! They bought France for about half the price that the Australian frog went for. The father kept saying “Viva la France” in a fake French accent. It was cool hearing everyone cheering for their frog, and really funny when all the people started running away from them once they started getting into the crowd.

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