We’ve had hot weather here this week but there is no pool with a swim up bar or gorgeous ocean to cool off in.  On one of our days in Fjij, we took a day cruise to Tivua Island to get our fill of clear water and white sandy beaches.

It took awhile to boat out here but it was worth it…

Besides the ocean, I LOVED the people in Fiji.  Everyone there was so friendly and seemed to be so happy all the time.  “Bula” means hello in Fijian and everywhere you go, everyone says, “Bula!” at you.  In any given day there, we probably said bula at least thirty times.

Even our cocktails said bula to us in chocolate!  Oh, how I miss these days of 2 for 1 drinks at the Radisson while viewing the sunset with my new husband!

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2 Comments on “Bula!”

  1. The Mister Says:

    Too bad we didn’t get drinks at the Radisson more often during their happy hour. I miss sitting around by the pool and not doing much of anything all day. I definitely could have snorkeled around Tivua all day as well.

  2. Emme Says:

    I want one of those cocktails!!

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