Satura Cakes

Can you tell how ginormous these pieces of cake are?!?  Satura Cakes was da bomb dot com. : )

And they had green tea cake with vanilla filling!  Needless to say, this was my FAVORITE of all the tastings.  We started out lightest to densest and each flavor we tried seemed to exponentially get better.  I was so full by the time we were done!  (We couldn’t even finish it all – sadness!)  I think we may have made our decision…

320 University Ave.  Palo Alto, CA

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5 Comments on “Satura Cakes”

  1. Richard Says:


  2. fatjenny Says:

    mmm! i love satura cakes! they have stores in hawaii too!

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    We had a really light lunch, and yet still couldn’t finish all of the cake. The one in the middle in the cup was their flour-less cake, which was just alright. Our favorites were the carrot cake (they don’t include raisins or nuts in theirs), the green tea, and the triple chocolate with the raspberry topping.

  4. Emme Says:

    Umm that is serious cake!!! You got jipped at the last place. Umm they all look amazing!!

  5. […] people are into that and almost expect it.  We liked the cake at Satura Cakes the best out of the three places we […]

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